• Salary, job security and atmosphere top the list
  • Gap between what talents looks for and what UK employers offer
  • Employers in the UK urged to listen to the talent pool and evolve

57% of the UK workforce point to salary as the most important factor when determining a potential employer, with long-term job security (52%) and pleasant working atmosphere (51%) also proving highly attractive.

Research by specialist recruiter, Randstad, also identified a stark mismatch between what workers want and what UK employers are perceived to offer the workforce.  

Potential talent in UK seeks....                  Employers in UK score best on...

1. salary & employee benefits 1. financially healthy
2. long-term job security     2. strong management
3. pleasant working atmosphere 3. good training
4. good work-life balance 4. career progression opportunities
5. interesting job content 5. salary & employee benefits
6. good training 6. long-term job security
7. career progression opportunities 7. interesting job content
8. financially healthy 8. pleasant working atmosphere
9. strong management 9. environmentally & socially aware
10. environmentally & socially aware 10. good work-life balance

Mark Bull, Randstad UK CEO, comments: “Post-recession, salary and long-term job security continue to be highest on the agenda. The voice of the workforce is however loud and clear, cultural benefits speak volumes. Employees want to work in an inspiring environment with an ambience which encourages teamwork and there’s a real appetite to balance career success with personal life. Employers can’t rely on their financial status and strong leadership teams alone to attract UK talent; they really need to look at the bigger picture.”

The news coincides with the relocation of Randstad UK’s Headquarters to new premises in Capability Green, Luton. This follows a £1.5m refurbishment by the landlord and is believed to represent the largest letting in Luton post-recession.

Mark Bull adds: “We’re further bolstering our approach to contemporary, open-plan working in addition to unveiling inspirational meeting areas and productive break-out zones. People don’t want to sit in a traditional, corporate environment where they are tied to their desk all day. To attract top talent, you need to evolve and create a real experience – just as if you were creating a retail space. We’ll be welcoming our teams with the fresh aroma of Costa Coffee and opening our doors for alfresco dining.”