With the job market suffering from a candidate skills shortage, individuals seeking employment in a specific industry should use a recruitment agency that specialises in the sector they are job hunting in.

Working with a recruiter can take a lot of pressure off of the job candidate and make the job search much more fruitful. Specialist recruiters also provide a job seeker with the ability to secure the best opportunity for themselves.

How do you ensure that you have chosen the right recruitment agency? The answer to that question lies in the way the agency operates and treats both its clients and job candidates.

Qualities of good recruitment agencies

There are many different recruitment agencies to choose from. Some provide generalised services while others offer headhunting services for specialised sectors. If a job seeker is interested in a particular field, it is wise to find an agency that also specialises in recruiting for that industry, that way, the advice about the job market will be particularly valid.

In addition to the specialisation of the agency, good recruitment agencies should handle job candidates with respect, integrity, and privacy and operate with an air of transparency. Such agencies will provide job seekers with plenty of information as they continue through the screening process. If there is ever a question that they don’t have the answer to, they will make every effort to find out.

The hiring company pays the agency not to just place any job seeker but to find them a candidate that matches their company culture and business goals as well as to find someone who has the skills needed in this skills shortage period.

Therefore, recruitment agencies focus on the candidate’s needs in order to make the perfect match. This means that the agency is interested in and supports the career development of the candidate. Recruiters will still be there when job seekers are ready to make their next career transition, so the right company will stay in touch and check in regularly.

A strong recruitment agency will also be able to give you valuable advice, both sector knowledge and practical. That is why it is so crucial to check that the agency has a level expertise. Industry publications such as Randstad’s Hiring Hoops let job seekers know that the agency has a pulse on what is currently happening on the recruitment front.

What does Randstad offer?

Randstad is a specialist recruitment agency that fits the bill – it is widely known within the recruitment industry and is a pioneer in the field. The company puts an emphasis on hiring the best and brightest in order to offer their clients and job candidates the most effective recruiting services possible. Randstad takes recruiting services a step further by acting as an advisor and guide to job candidates so as to place them in the best positions.

The company matches job seekers that will develop their true potential while matching their client companies with employees that can help take their business to the next level. Randstad offers the typical recruiting services such as temporary staffing but it also offers permanent placements for a number of industries. This multi-specialist consultancy firm focuses on making placements in the areas of accounting and finance, business and administration, human resources, construction and engineering, legal services, sales and retail, education, IT, and marketing.

Each year, Randstad matches more than 100,000 people with the right company and in doing so has helped countless businesses expand their goals and boost their bottom line. Randstad works closely with both candidates and client companies to ensure that the perfect match is made.