Last week, @RandstadJobs hosted a live Twitter Q&A with Genevieve Wood, a supply primary school teacher. The session covered Genevieve’s career in teaching, her favourite moments and her advice for others thinking about moving into the education profession. 

Randstad believe that sharing advice and learning from others that have found fulfilment is the key to finding happiness in your own career. 

Q: Why did you choose teaching as a profession?
A:  I was inspired by a particularly enthusiastic secondary teacher, who had a fantastic ability to engage her students, making lessons fun and creating an environment where everyone wanted to learn.  

Q: What is the most fulfilling thing about teaching for you?
A: It is a real privilege to help a child who is struggling and to continue believing in them. When that child grasps something for the first time, it is priceless feeling.

Q: What makes supply teaching in particular so fulfilling for you? 
 A: I take great pride in the lessons I deliver, getting to know the children quickly and engaging them in their learning, gives me great sense of fulfilment.

Q: Can you recall a favourite experience in your teaching career so far? Why did it mean so much? ‪‬
A: There are lots of lovely moments with the children. It is a very rewarding career, every day something makes me smile or gives me a sense of satisfaction. Those moments are worth holding on to and treasuring - they are what make the job so worthwhile.

Q:  In your video you mention that you don't consider supply teaching as a challenge. What encouragement would you give to someone who might be hesitant to give it a go?
A: Don't let your nerves of the unknown hold you back, try to embrace the opportunity and use it to develop yourself.  Find an agency you are happy with, I am very proud to be employed by Randstad and I think the pride I have shows in my work.  Every day as a supply teacher is new and exciting, and I feel really privileged to teach in lots of schools and meet some many different people.

Q: Why do you think supply teaching is a good idea for anyone wanting to try their hand at teaching?
A: If you are considering entering the profession supply teaching will provide you with a perfect  opportunity to work in a variety of different schools, enabling you to decide which type of school is best for you.  It will also help you to develop your teaching skills.

Q: How important is finding the right school to teach in? Can you give an example of differences you experience across different schools?
A: Finding the right school to teach in is very important for you to feel happy, only then will you be able to deliver the best quality teaching for your pupils who deserve the best opportunity to learn from you.

Q: What's the hardest thing you have encountered in teaching and how did you overcome it? 
A: As a full time teacher, in a small school, managing several subjects and also being part of the senior management team and governing body, time management was crucial, with an ever increasing work load and long meetings to attend, being organised and very time efficient.

Q: What are your tips for people having a bad day at work? How do you stay motivated?
A: Try to step back, think of the bigger picture, recall all those lovely rewarding moments with the children because they are priceless no other job offers you that job satisfaction.