According to many top bosses throughout the country, Britain’s membership of the EU should be maintained.

Every year, the United Kingdom’s EU membership helps to boost the economy by as much as £92 billion; however, tensions over the UK’s EU membership are high.

In order to pacify Tory backbenchers, the Conservatives have been put under pressure to rush out a draft law introducing plans for an 'in/out' referendum.  While some politicians may not think that EU membership is critical, many influential business leaders think otherwise.

Sir Martin Sorrell, Sir Roger Carr and Sir Richard Branson are among 19 big bosses who have called for the UK to keep its EU membership; however, these businessmen also want reforms to make the markets more competitive.

The entrepreneurs sent a letter to the Independent last Monday in which they claimed that a 'Brexit' (British exit) would be likely to cost the UK as many as 37 different trade agreements.  Additionally, they are requesting closer integration on trade to specifically include the energy, transport, telecoms and digital sectors.  The idea behind this is that deepening the single market could boost economic growth significantly – by as much as £110 billion.

"The benefits of membership overwhelmingly outweigh the costs, and to suggest otherwise is putting politics before economics," the entrepreneurs said in their letter.

The group also goes on to say: “The risk that the euro will break apart or that individual members are headed for bankruptcy was substantially higher a year ago."