rebuilding relationships

in the workplace.

If we’re ever to return to a semblance of normality, and a harmonious one at that, strong working relationships with our colleagues will be of paramount importance. It’s therefore concerning that our research uncovered a degree of ill-feeling amongst a portion of the UK workforce: some from those who continued to work while colleagues found themselves on furlough; others who resent the added pressure or lack of support from management. 

With a strong likelihood that many people will continue to work from home for at least some of the time, it’s crucial that teams remain coherent. Emphasising the reason that some workers were furloughed and not others will be important (those on furlough may also feel resentful against colleagues who kept their jobs throughout), as will rebuilding trust in cases where managerial support seemed to be lacking. Whether or not remote working continues, employers would do well to embrace the positive impact of seeing inside people’s home lives; of connecting with people on a more personal basis. After all, we’re not just workers: we’re parents, partners, children and friends. We have interests and responsibilities outside of work, and it never hurts for our colleagues to be reminded of that. 

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is enough being done

to manage stress?

72% of employers believe their wellbeing strategy is effective, 47% of employees say their employer did nothing to relieve stress. 

We explore this disconnect in our report. 

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