How effective is your social media strategy? Are you consistently making sales based upon your online activity? If not, social media has probably become more of a distraction than a tool for your business. The fact of the matter is that social sites can be invaluable resources for salespeople. But they can also be enormous time- and energy-drains. So in this article we will discuss how to get the highest possible ROI from your social media investment. This is the complete guide to the art of social selling.

1.2 from novice to ninja: how to drive more sales with these social media tools

1.3 maximise sales by using social media productively

Social media can be a massive waste of time. But it can also serve as a phenomenal tool for enhancing productivity, saving money and delivering sales for professionals in nearly every industry. Intention, though, is the difference between the former and the latter. So to make your investment in social media worthwhile requires a well-defined plan, clear goals, and strict time management.

For those looking to establish an efficient and effective social media sales plan, these Dos and Don’ts provide a vital roadmap for maximising sales:

1.4 which social media platforms drive the most sales?

Today, there are countless social media platforms online, each offering its own distinct advantages. So salespeople looking to harness the potential of digital networks have many options and much to learn about these fast-evolving communities. We must therefore find ways to make our social media investments as productive as possible. So it is vital to know which platforms drive the most sales and align most closely with the strengths of your business.

To help you make the most of social media, this article outlines the crucial techniques savvy salespeople use to acquire leads and make sales on the three most important platforms out there:

1.5 why every sales person needs to have a concrete social media strategy

For some business owners, social media has negative connotations in the workplace. It is seen as a distraction and an unproductive use of time. Many managers believe their teams can be just as effective over the phone and via email. Yet while social media can certainly be a distraction if used without clear goals and a comprehensive plan, when utilised correctly, it is an invaluable resource for each and every individual working in a sales environment.

The ways in which you use social media at work should differ greatly from how you use it in your personal time and in time, when you can show its effectiveness, your boss will soon see your side.