We've selected our best construction jobs currently available in the UK, from highest paying to most in-demand. With the industry facing a shortage of skilled applicants, now is the time to show your talents to employers. The news might seem more doom and gloom but workers in the construction industry are actually in a highly advantageous position.

With a growing number of roles across the sector and few candidates to fill them, now is the time to show your talents to employers. The variety of jobs can make choosing a construction career path difficult, so we’ve highlighted our best five industry jobs that are hiring now.

Our best construction jobs.

Quantity surveyor.
Average salary: £52,500

Playing a key role in managing the costs associated with building construction, quantity surveyors fulfil a crucial position within the industry. The job itself often involves working on construction sites, ranging from housing to transport infrastructure, and carrying out financial assessments, estimating costs, negotiating contracts and resolving financial disputes.

Quantity surveying in amongst the best paid jobs in the UK construction industry. In order to become a quantity surveyor, candidates will require a degree or similar professional qualification recognised by the Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Alternatively, you could start part-time while working as a surveying technician. Becoming a quantity surveyor is ideal if you have a real passion and knowledge for building and relish the responsibility that comes with the role. 

Site manager.
Average salary: £50,000

If you thrive in leadership situations, then a career as a site manager could be a great fit for you. Responsibilities often include the preparation of sites prior to the start of construction work, planning projects in terms of time and budgets and the supervision of staff and the site in general. In addition, site managers may have to meet clients or members of the public in order to give progress reports.

We've ranked this as one of the best in the industry, not only because it's another high paying construction job, but for the versatility of the role. You might be out on site interacting with the workers, out meeting clients or managing the site from the office. No day is the same.

Successful applicants normally have a relevant degree or several years’ experience in the construction trade. As well as having a meticulous attention to detail, individuals will need to be able to motivate others in order to ensure projects are completed to a high standard. 

Project manager.
Average salary: £42,000

Project managers in the construction industry are tasked with ensuring that projects are completed to an agreed timescale and budget. They must also ensure that all objectives are met and that everyone within the construction team is working effectively.

We've quantified project manager as one of the best in the UK construction industry as although the job comes with a great deal of responsibility it has a hugely rewarding nature. You will see projects through from concept to completion, with landmarks like The Shard only ever having made it past design stage with the long hours and commitment of a project manager leading the way.

Typical responsibilities may include representing the client’s interests, organising and leading others, carrying out risk assessment and using computer software to keep track of progress. 

Average salary: £19,000

Labourers are the bread and butter of the construction industry, and virtually no project would be completed if it weren’t for this role.

Labourer is one of the most in-demand jobs, with thousands of job opportunities across the country. We've classed this in our top five for not only this reason, but for the various career progression paths you can take.

Due to the skills shortage, learning a particular trade as a labourer will set you at a great advantage. There are ample opportunities for people with backgrounds in trades such as carpenters, electricians, painters or plumbers. These trades can often be learned on the job, by accepting a junior position such as a ‘plumbers mate’ or a ‘roofers mate’. 

Construction administrator.
Average salary: £25,000

The main role of a construction administrator is to complete the administrative duties for their employer and the projects their employer is working on. These duties include relaying administrative paperwork to clients, specialists and obtaining permits from government bodies, as well as documenting the construction costs of the project. Administrators will require excellent organisational skills, be able to participate in scheduling timelines and monitor tasks to ensure costs do not exceed their forecasts.

If you enjoy working with facts and figures and like being part of a team, then a career as an administrator could be a good fit for you. Teamwork, office experience and analytical tasks are why we have positioned this as one of our best UK construction jobs.

Construction administrators often already possess some experience in the construction industry, however a background simply in administration could land you the role.