Whether you have a role as business development manager or an isolated surveyor, networking is an integral part of enjoying a successful career in the construction industry. But don’t worry, networking doesn’t involve working around the clock or attending every event you can think of. Instead, think of networking as a state of mind.

Always be inquisitive, and never miss an opportunity to make new connections. Just a bit of awareness and forward planning can make a huge difference when it comes to landing a new contract.

Below are some top tips on how to make networking work for you:

Make the most of your trade associations.

Never underestimate the benefits to be reaped from being a member of state, regional and local trade associations. You’ll be exposed to a range of conferences and networking events that are designed specifically to put you in the same room as other like-minded individuals in your industry.

Not only do these provide great opportunities to make contacts, but they can also prove invaluable in exposing you to upcoming projects in your field. And you’ll get access to industry seminars and talks too, helping you develop your career even further and ensure you’re always at the top of your game.

Arm yourself with business cards.

Your kit belt will more likely include a hammer than a business card but that small piece of card is one of your most useful tools when networking. Time is of the essence when you’re trying to make a good impression with potential customers, partners or employers and you might only have a fleeting moment to capture someone’s attention. Not only are business cards far less likely to get lost in someone’s back pocket but they also look more professional than a scribbled set of details on an old napkin. And they’re cheap! 

Don’t be a stranger: network on site.

As someone who works in construction and property, you’ll be no stranger to projects that can last for months. With all that time spent on site, get to know as many other workers as possible, as they could prove invaluable as business leads in the future. Get to know what people’s roles and specialisms are and make sure they understand yours.

Don’t feel limited to connecting with people in your specific field. Those that at first seem irrelevant could open doors for you later down the line and the more people you know and the more diverse their backgrounds are, the wider your business network becomes.

Our construction and property recruiters have outlined their number one networking tip in the clip below:

Networking can often be misconstrued as a vague concept that only concerns high flying business people. But the truth is that most jobs rely on building relationships in one way or another. The key is to have an open mind and embrace opportunities to connect with others. By being proactive today, who knows how many doors you could open in the future.

For more networking advice, watch the full 5 min video here