The Sales Innovation Expo is the largest UK conference and exhibition dedicated to sales professionals.  This is an interactive exhibition specifically designed for those leaders seeking to improve sales.  In the past the Expo was known as Sales Director Live, but this new event incarnation is meant to cater to a broad spectrum of individuals whose goal it is to grow sales figures.  The offerings at the Expo will benefit a range of people in sales jobs, from a Managing Director endeavouring to drive sales for a business to a Sales Director seeking new and innovative ways to inspire a sales team to reach better figures.  The event features some of the most well-known names, industry experts, and leaders who will be offering cutting edge advice, as well as demonstrating some of the latest services, products, and technologies.  Sales Directors and Managers will discover that this event will provide them with the latest tools and systems for improving sales performance.

The Events
The two days of events will be packed with information at seminars, master classes, and exhibitors' booths.  The most influential and experienced experts and thought leaders from the sales profession will be present to offer advice and demonstrations.  Attendees of this event will that the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from many of the world's most inspirational leaders in sales.  The information gleaned from the Expo will expose what separates the top performing three percent (3%) from everyone else.  Tips to improve the effectiveness of the marketing department and to get the most from salespeople will also be available.  The line-up of speakers is astounding, made up of astute business figures in the world that no other event can match.  One of the keynote speakers is Jonathan Farrington, the CEO of Top Sales World and managing partner of Jonathan Farrington and Associates based in London and Paris.

What can I learn at the sales innovation expo?

A universal superstar in the world of business, Jonathan Farrington is a coach, mentor, author, and consultant.  Having guided thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies from around the world to reach top performance levels, he is an ideal expert to pass on his wealth of insight, guidance, and ambition to other sales professionals.  The numbers of people influenced by Farrington are staggering, personally helping to develop more than 100,000 frontline sales professionals and managers. 

His blog, the JF Blogit, was launched in 2005 has won multiple awards, attracting thousands of visitors daily.  Farrington also has his first book coming out in 2015 titled, "Tougher at the Top".  Some of Farrington's bona fides include being the CEO of the IFA Group (established in 1994 and sold in 20015) and being involved in very demanding sectors of marketing (IT, Telecommunications, and Finance).  Throughout his career he has worked with some of the most successful and some of the largest international corporations like Litton Industries, The Bank of Tokyo, Wang, and IBM.  Attendees to the Expo can join Farrington as he shares his vision for the future of professional selling in his seminar titled, "2020 Selling:  The Future of Professional Selling".

Master Classes
In addition to the seminars hosted by other experts in their field, there will be intensive master classes that will clearly demonstrate how to increase the performance of sales teams, with a range of strategies that will have a hugely beneficial effect upon sales results.  The knowledge being shared will inspire improved sales by performance transforming techniques used by some of the UK's top sales leaders.  One of these master classes is the MHI Global Sales Performance Masterclass.  Within any sales organisation the management of sales is the most critical function because it has the greatest influence on driving growth through improved sales performance. 

The closest relationship to an organisation's key assets (sales team and customers) is held by frontline sales managers.  This means an organisation's success is reliant upon an effective sales manager.  Consultants from MHI Global will be offering a series of masterclasses that will teach first-hand methodologies that are uniquely designed to support sales managers as they pursue to drive sales performance that is world class.  In this series are masterclasses titled, "The Pursuit of World-Class Performance:  Management Behaviours that Drive Sales Success", "Mastering the Frontline Sales Managers' Dilemma:  With a Triangle, A Sharpened Focus, and a Capability Framework", "World-Class Funnel Management:  Bringing Precision to the Art of Selling", and "Coaching for Successful Sales".  The Sales Innovation Expo 2015 has everything that a sales professional needs for learning new ways of inspiring sales teams, to better sales figures, and/or to grow a business to new heights.