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Whilst many workers have already experienced working from home scenarios, lockdown 2.0 brings with it a fresh set of autumnal challenges. Of course - the human connection, even if it’s via a video call, still proves critical to most employees who are WFH. With the nights drawing in, there’s also an opportunity to lean on tech and gadgets to support productivity and well-being when working from home during winter.     

Below we’ll look at the best working from home gadgets, including;

  • Stand up desks
  • Lighting solutions
  • Heating
  • Health trackers

Stand up and be desk savvy 

Whether you have the luxury of an office or you’ve made a makeshift desk from a table, variety can be the spice of working from home life. A sit and stand desk converter is a great way to quickly turn any desk/table into a stand up workstation. It can help improve your physical well-being and can be great for delivering more interactive and engaging virtual brainstorms, training and meetings when WFH.   

Lighting matters 

If it’s possible to work where you can benefit from natural light, you should. With daylight limited during those winter lockdown months, think about investing in some task or ambient lighting to help make you both more productive and happy at home. An LED clip on desk light or ring light is a quick and cost effective way to brighten a dull workspace. A portable ambient light, such as the Philips Hue Go, is a great investment during winter months - allowing you to select your preferred colour/light setting dependent on your mood or work task. 

Creature comforts  

If you’ve been relegated to the coldest room at home there are lots of gadgets that can keep you warm. From a heated mouse to a heated office footrest, the options are endless. If you’re someone who participates in lots of lengthy meetings, it might be time to purchase a cup warmer to keep that all important coffee hot during your next video call. All the small creature comforts can really add up.  

Track your health   

Whilst not work related per se, monitoring your overarching health whilst working from home is a sensible move. Biometric scales and smart watches are a great way to measure everything from your body water to your heart rate. Use the stats to ensure you’re staying well hydrated and looking after your physical well-being during lockdown 2.0.   

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