There are few professions available that do not require some degree of previous experience in order to obtain a post and to be successful working within them; trainee recruitment consultant is one such career path.

Today, the recruitment sector in the UK economy consists of more than 100,000 individuals.  It is a popular career choice because it allows recent university graduates that are unsure of their career preference, as well as seasoned professionals, the same challenging, sociable, and lucrative work.  In the world of recruiting, individuals can combine their people skills, sales flair, and problem solving into a role that plays an integral part in the success of any business.  In essence, the recruitment industry is all about recognising such strengths in others, and then matching the individual with an organisation that needs them.  Why wouldn’t anyone want to be part of such an exciting endeavour?

Working in the HR recruitment industry entails a number of responsibilities all geared toward a common goal: providing high-quality staff for an organisation. Recruiters may bring in individuals for entry-level positions, executive and corporate roles, or even highly specialised jobs, which could be temporary or permanent.  While there are certainly a number of business courses and recruiting classes at the university level, it is not a required course of study in order to achieve success in the industry, indeed, one may enjoy great success working in one of the recruitment agencies without having had any previous experience.

The underlying principle of recruiting is basically building up and maintaining professional relationships and seeking new business opportunities.  In essence, recruiting is a sales job looking for individuals with consulting qualities to work within it. Remember, recruiters must not only “sell” potential candidates to employers, they must also be able to project their own qualities and talent to potential clients. Other duties that recruiting professionals such as those at Randstad usually perform, include headhunting, networking, reviewing applications and CVs, staying in touch with candidates and clients, and offering professional advice.

Because recruiting is so focused on people and relationships, individuals that do not enjoy working with other people should probably avoid seeking a career in recruitment. Recruitment professionals should love interacting with others, as it is the primary function in the job.  Natural networkers with excellent communication skills tend to achieve the most success in recruiting, even if they have transferred from a completely different sector, so even without experience, one can flourish in such a career.

Though recruitment consultancy can be wonderfully rewarding, both personally and financially, it should not be regarded as an easy ride.  Recruiters only get out of the career what they are willing to put in, and that effort has a direct influence on their earning potential.  Recruitment is a highly targeted role, with a number of components that individuals must manage continually. If one is up to the challenge, the number of transferable skills, such as leadership, confidence, and problem solving that one gleans from working in recruitment are immeasurable.

Recruiting is one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors within the UK economy, and as a result there are many opportunities for those willing to work hard.  Individuals who thrive within the job are not necessarily highly experienced headhunters or expert recruitment consultants, but are those that enjoy working within a very social environment with other driven individuals that are all hungry for success in their chosen field.  It is a niche sector in which individuals can learn the complexities and dynamics of a given market, build highly transferable skills, and develop professionally over time.

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A career in recruitment can be highly rewarding, if you feel that you have what it takes and are interested in an opportunity at Randstad view our latest vacancies. 

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