One of the most important services that a recruitment agency such as Randstad CPE offers is matching a candidate with a position that fits their individual experience and training; part of this process may be to provide guidance on the qualifications and certifications needed for a particular position.

This article presents information for individuals who are thinking of becoming MOT testers and outlines the qualifications and the training that is required to secure one of these lucrative positions.

MOT tester qualifications.

The specific qualification required to become an MOT tester is successfully passing the Nominated Tester Training Assessment examination, also known as the NTTA. This, or a level 3 qualification in vehicle maintenance or vehicle mechanics, is always required to be able to test vehicle classes 3, 4, 5, or 7. However, there are a number of requirements that an individual should meet before they go on to take the NTTA test. It is therefore important to review the full list of requirements before moving on to apply for a MOT tester position.

The requirements that will need to be met before taking the NTTA examination include:

  • Having a current, full driving licence for all relevant vehicle classes.
  • Being at least 20 years of age.
  • Having four years of experience as a skilled mechanic for all relevant vehicle classes.
  • Having no outstanding convictions for offences related to MOT testing or any other area of the motor trade.
  • Being recognised as an individual ‘of good repute.’
  • Be sponsored by the authorised examiner of a vehicle testing station.

MOT tester training.

The NTTA examination consists of 60 multiple choice questions; all of these questions are to be answered within 90 minutes. The examination can be scheduled and taken at one of the approved examination centres located across the United Kingdom. In addition, different vehicle classes require different training courses once the examination has been successfully completed.

Courses are typically two or three days in length, and can be roughly divided into courses for motorbike (vehicle class 1 and 2) testing, and courses for motor vehicle (vehicle class 3, 4, 5, and 7) testing. A refresher course is required every five years to maintain an individual’s status as an approved MOT tester.

MOT tester jobs and career opportunities.

After meeting the requirements and passing the necessary examination the next step is to apply for a position as an MOT tester, known officially as a Nominated Tester. The job description will be fixed according to the exact location of the position, but it will include the inspection of vehicles according to the standards of the national MOT test in the United Kingdom.

The experienced staff at Randstad CPE can help potential candidates evaluate whether the career step of taking the NTTA examination and moving on to a position as an MOT tester is right for them, and determine how best to proceed towards that goal. Randstad can also help with finding open positions and giving advice on suitable career path options related to work with MOT testing and areas related to maintenance and repair based on the national MOT standards.