Candidates planning to work in sales recruitment need to know a number of things to get started on their journey.

First up, it's worth describing exactly what a sales recruitment professional does day-today.

Those in sales recruitment roles are responsible for filling their client’s open positions with top-notch salespeople. This is achieved through networking, sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting potential applicants.

Individuals that excel in this profession often have great people skills and lots of dedication – but they are also not afraid of a good challenge, as the career is intense, fast-paced and challenging. Some of the best sales recruiters have also worked in sales themselves.

Educational requirements

Though it is quite possible to excel in sales recruitment without a relevant degree, the study of human resources, management, and sales is extremely beneficial. In fact, having such a degree can help individuals land a higher-paying job.

However, past experience also plays a role in what makes a good sales recruiter. In fact, many of the industry’s best performing sales recruiters started their careers as salespeople. But, sales isn’t the only past work experience that sales recruiters can benefit from. For example, if one has a background in insurance but wants to move into recruiting, he or she may consider focusing on insurance sales recruiting.

Today, there is an emphasis on technology in almost every industry and recruiting is certainly no different. Top sales recruiters should also be proficient with technology. There are a number of software programs designed specifically to aid in the recruiting process by helping recruiters maintain databases of hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates. Additionally, email, mobile office applications, and messaging systems are a must for sales recruiters as they are often on the road.

Getting started

If one doesn’t have a relevant degree or prior work experience in sales or recruiting, it is still possible to draw from other previous experience. Remember, employers are always interested in transferable skills, so recruiting candidates should really sell themselves during the interview process. Exhibiting confidence, professionalism and motivation can go a long way with hiring managers.

In addition to really hitting the mark during the interview, anyone interested in a career in sales recruiting should start networking right away. Attend conferences, trade shows, and public seminars and exchange business cards. Network diligently and follow-up on those brief encounters.

For those without the relevant education – and even those with it – getting certification from institutions such as the Institute of Recruitment Professionals or attending courses through the CIPD can prove beneficial. Not all recruiters make the effort to become certified in their field, so getting such a certification can make one’s CV that much more marketable to sales recruiting firms.

Sales recruiting is an excellent career choice, but individuals must be in the right role in order to enjoy any level of success. So, if one has a flair for public speaking, making presentations, negotiating, and working with people, a career in sales recruiting may be just the thing!