Perhaps you are considering making your next career move within sales and marketing, but are reluctant to engage with a recruitment consultant in your job search. There are many reasons why this might be the case, but ultimately jobseekers are costing themselves both time and money by avoiding a recruitment agency for their placement needs. We will take a look at some of the reasons why jobseekers avoid the process and what the truth is behind the myths.

Myths about recruitment agencies among sales & marketing professionals

Lack of trustworthiness

One of the most common complaints jobseekers have regarding the recruitment consultancy process is that there is an inherent lack of trustworthiness between the jobseeker and the agency. This is only the case when candidates do not receive adequate levels of treatment from their consultant.

When jobseekers are treated in a disposable manner by simply filling in registration forms and getting the inevitable ‘we will be in touch if something comes up’ response, they are probably not going to have the best overall opinion of the agency. This is completely understandable and is certainly not the standard norm across every agency.

Relying on own job network

Those who are within marketing and sales are likely to have their own established job network where leads can be generated and followed rather quickly. While this can be an effective tool that compliments an overall job search, there is no one fool proof network that will guarantee candidates to have the widest reach possible without the use of a recruitment agency Agencies are the middleman between workers and employers, so employers can approach agencies with vacancies in just the same way candidates can approach agencies looking for work. This will ensure jobseekers will have the widest visibility within the job market since employers will be able to match themselves with candidates immediately after filing their vacancy. 

Not understanding the role

Something that often worries jobseekers when it comes to use of a recruitment agency is simply not understanding the role of a recruitment consultant. While they make no guarantees that they will find you work, a recruitment consultant is the best way to save time and effort during the job search since they will be working on your behalf in order to find the best possible placement for your needs. This can allow candidates to focus on more important priorities in their lives at the time. While it is by no means recommended that candidates completely abandon their own job search efforts, they can indeed rest assured that they have a partner in their job search who will be working tirelessly in order to find them suitable employment.

Sending no tailored applications

Recruitment consultants often serve candidates by preparing them for the inevitable high stress interviews that they are going to be sent for. These interviews can provide invaluable feedback and honest criticism regarding a jobseeker's approach to the interview process along with the correct measures and techniques to put in place in order to ensure their own success at the interview table. Consultants will also know the needs of the prospective employer, so can give specific advice to that particular employer in order to help candidates impress them the most.

It is an added stress

The whole idea behind using a recruitment consultant and agency is to make the job seeking process as stress-free as possible. This is indeed the end result. When candidates know they have someone on their side during the whole process, it makes the hassle much easier to cope with. There is a sense of security in this thought too.