Marketing jobs often combine a need for both creative and analytical thinking, with different roles usually having more emphasis on one over the other. Creativity is critical to the marketing industry and enables brands to deliver engaging and entertaining campaigns that make them stand out from their competitors. If you think that you have the creative flair required to succeed in the industry, here are six marketing roles that may suit you.

different types of marketing roles.

  • marketing executive/assistant.
  • events manager.
  • market research manager.
  • PR executive.
  • international marketing manager.
  • graphic designer.

1. marketing executive/assistant.

Although an entry level position, there is still plenty of creativity required in the role of marketing assistant. Individuals may be tasked with drafting marketing content for brands, assisting with client briefs and contributing ideas to team brainstorms. In addition, marketing executives that show creative flair as well as strong organisational skills will increase their chances of career progression. Using Randstad’s Salary Checker is a great way of evaluating which marketing role suits your abilities - the average salary for a marketing assistant in London is £23,075 which will increase as the responsibilities of the role increase. 

2. events manager.

A role that requires being able to work well under pressure, being an events manager involves a combination of strong organisational skills as well as creative flair. On a day to day basis, event management requires a lot of project management and problem-solving. However, you need to be able to inject a level of creativity in the design and execution in order for your event to stand out from the crowd. The average salary for an events manager within London is £41,832 via our Salary Checker.

3. market research manager.

Although research positions primarily focus on the analysis of data, the role of market research manager is still one that embraces creativity. In order to collect research, individuals will have to create surveys and questionnaires while the presentation of findings is open to individual interpretation, giving market research managers the opportunity to provide their own insights and recommendations. In return for their combination of analytical and creative skills, market research managers can expect an average yearly salary in London of £43,500.


4. PR executive.

PR executives perform a valuable role for countless brands, developing the communications between company and customer. In doing so they must be able to research and write press releases that are both engaging and easily understood, as well as help with any other client publications. They must also be able to critically evaluate other media in order to contribute innovative ideas for their clients. A PR executive job in London has an average salary of £30,600 but may vary depending on the size of your organisation or the number of clients you have.

5. international marketing manager.

Working across all areas of marketing, from research to product development, an international marketing manager will need to be able to adapt campaigns for different cultures and environments. The ability to execute marketing plans in different countries, and work globally with colleagues in different regions is key, so anyone that wants to get a global view of their industry and market will find this type of role appealing. An average salary in London for an international marketing manager is £61,250 a year.

6. graphic designer.

Perhaps the most obviously creative position of all within the marketing industry, a graphic designer will be tasked with coming up with visually executing a brand’s marketing campaigns against the marketing brief. As well as the ability to create assets for a wide variety of marketing channels, with the growth of online and social platforms, a graphic designer needs to also have a strong set of digital design skills. Within London, the average salary for a graphic designer is £29,599 which can vary with the size of company or level of technical complexity of your role.

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