The cover letter is often a discounted facet of the job application process for randstad recruitment consultant jobs. All too often, job candidates create it too quickly and may actually hurt their chances of getting hired.

The recruitment covering letter is the first impression that a company will have of the prospective employee, and the first time an individual is able to engage their prospective employer. This is exactly why companies like Randstad actually read them and incorporate them into the interview process.

In order to write an effective recruitment consultant cover letter, keep these suggestions in mind.

Recruitment consultant cover letter tips.


The first thing to remember about writing a covering letter is to make it personal; generic cover letters are easy to spot:

  • Avoid using general greetings such as “Dear Employer” and “To Whom it May Concern.”
  • Take the time to research Randstad and understand the nature of the recruitment business.
  • Companies look for employees that look and sound like them and have the best cultural fit for the job. Finding the right employees is all about finding those that can meet the firm's needs and fit into the working environment, so it is important to match the company’s tone.

Additionally, the introductory paragraph should hook the reader in. Show a definite interest in the job and the company. Often, during the interview process, a recruiter or hiring manager will ask the potential employee why they want to work for them. A cover letter is a good place to tip them off.

Selling your skills.

Simply put, the cover letter is an opportunity for candidates to put together a brief, concise introduction to themselves. Highlight your:

  • Experience
  • Accomplishment
  • Skills relevant to the position you want. However, it is important to remember not to simply repeat the contents of the CV. Keep the letter short and sweet – a maximum of one page.

When drafting the cover letter, it is well worth the time and effort to research the company and re-read the job advertisement, when applicable. Consider the key qualities mentioned and ensure that the letter emphasises any relevant accomplishments and transferable skills.

"recruitment consultants and HR professionals typically exhibit intellectual curiosity"

As any other employer, Randstad will want to know what makes a job seeker suitable for the position. Top performing recruitment consultants and HR professionals typically exhibit intellectual curiosity, strong communication skills, excellent sales skills, and are highly personable. A well-written cover letter will illustrate skills with examples and give Randstad an idea of whom they are dealing with. Take a look at our cover letter templates here.

Close up the covering letter in a positive fashion, and always be sure to include up-to-date contact information. While the wait to hear back can be nerve-wracking, it is best not to follow up the CV and cover letter with a barrage of phone calls. The best way to follow up with Randstad, or any other potential employer for that matter, is to send an unobtrusive letter or email a week or two later.