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Looking to land a job but not sure if your CV and cover letter are up to scratch? Our CV resource hub gives you all the information you need to know. 

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Writing the perfect CV can be a difficult task. But with the right information and advice at your fingertips, there's nothing to stop you from creating one that stands out from the crowd. This resource hub brings together valuable tips from our recruitment experts, as well as providing downloadable CV and cover letter templates to give you all the guidance you need.  

CV grammar tips in two minutes.

Don’t get caught out by a simple spelling or grammar mistake. We all make them but when applying for a job you must make sure that both your spelling and grammar are impeccable otherwise it could cost you your dream position.

Fear not! We’ve put this video together to provide some easy tips and tricks to get you writing like a pro in no time.

CV and cover letter writing tips.

No matter what job you're applying for, having a CV and cover letter that are well written and highlight your core skills will go a long way to help you land an interview.

We've selected our favourite tips and testimonials from Randstad experts to help you climb the career ladder.

CV writing: tip 1.

Write a tailored CV for every job you apply for: There’s nothing worse than a one-size-fits all approach to job applications. Your CV should be tailored to the job at hand to demonstrate that you have the relevant skills and experience to meet that particular role.

CV writing: tip 2.

Keep formatting simple: Employers and recruiters are time poor so need to be able to scan through your CV without complicated or messy formatting getting in their way.

CV writing: tip 3.

Get someone else to proof read it: When it comes to spotting typos or spelling mistakes, fresh eyes are better than your own. Poor grammar can make your CV look unprofessional, whatever the job role, so it’s important to get this right.

CV writing: tip 4.

Be concise: Selling yourself can be hard, but make sure to do so as concisely as possible. Keep your personal statement to the point, avoiding long or rambling sentences that could lose the reader’s attention.

CV writing: tip 5.

Give examples: Back up any statements you make about your professional experience with clear examples. For instance, if you’re writing about having managed large budgets in the past, give indications of actual numbers and talk about what the project involved.

CV writing: tip 6.

Don’t confine yourself to professional achievements: Things like charity work and personal accomplishments such as running a marathon look great on CV's – don’t think you’re only allowed to list professional achievements when selling yourself!

CV writing: tip 7.

Be confident: Don’t be afraid to talk  proudly about your achievements, whether that’s great exam results or professional accolades. This is your first communication with the potential employer so you want to make it count.

CV writing: tip 8.

Do your research: Employers want to know that you’re passionate about the prospect of working for them. Nothing says this better than someone who has done their research – demonstrating a knowledge of the company and its values will go a long way.

CV writing: tip 9.

Be selective: Don’t over fill your CV. If you have a long work history, go through it and select the things that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Most CVs should be a maximum of two pages, so make use of bullets and be concise with your language.

CV writing: tip 10.

Take pride in your achievements: Don’t fall into the trap of giving companies you’ve worked for all the credit for big achievements – talk about how you helped make them happen.

A really good nursing CV will be logical, engaging and concise. It should be tailored specifically to the people that will be reading it and will need to match the job role using relevant keywords. Within nursing an employer will already know what they are looking for so make sure you have covered the essential and desirable skills clearly in your CV.

Darren Logue | Randstad Brand Manager

As a marketer it’s important to demonstrate personal and professional growth. It’s crucial that a marketer is accountable for results so an understanding and ability for analytics is very important. The industry as a whole values creativity but also the ability to work within a frame when needed - collaboration and communication both with internal and external stakeholders is a great skill to have.

Kimberley Payne | Sales & Marketing Executive Consultant

IT is at the heart of many organisations and their products, so there is a demand for rounded and commercially focussed people that can add value to IT positions. Companies will value employees that are loyal, have an appetite to learn and share knowledge and are very adaptable to change due to the rapid pace of the industry.

Pete Andrews | Lead IT Recruitment Consultant

If you’re after a job in customer services remember to show off your experience as well as your soft skills, empathy for example is a great transferable skill that can be used across any job. It’s important to show your personality but always remember to keep it professional.

Cameron Scorer | Senior Consultant

The finance industry is incredibly competitive, as such there’s a few things that can make your CV and cover letter stand out from the pack. Your CV should be professional and should highlight all of your qualifications and academic achievements, if you achieved a first class degree or 4 A’s at A level now is the time to show that off.

Simon Humphreys | Randstad Financial Services

Whether you’re looking for a consultancy, technical freelance, contract or FM a clear and concise CV is always important. The projects that you’ve worked on should be clearly listed along with any facts and figures. It’s advisable to have a good overview of your career history and experience including your best personal attributes.

Legala Ghebdinga | Sector Manager

A teacher's CV will follow some of the same guidelines as any other CV, clear and concise with easily digestible paragraphs. Make sure that your personal statement really stands out, this is where you can really shine. Discuss the achievements and extra responsibilities that you’ve had, also mention if you’ve dealt with SEN children, TA’s or worked with support staff.

Vekshana Soobarah | Recruitment Consultant

Motivated, results focussed and resilient are some of the most important aspects in a person looking for a job in sales. If you want to make your CV stand out from the rest it helps to focus on your results, talk about your sales record and the type of people that you’ve sold to e.g. managers or directors. Focus on key wins or the types of product or service that you sold, tangible results really do mean a lot in sales.

Alison Keevil | Senior Consultant