An important aspect for writing a CV for recruitment consultant positions is understanding the role of the particular job as well as the sector. For the most part, a confident person who has sales skills and can communicate well with people will make a good recruitment consultant.

The responsibilities that may be part of a recruitment consultant’s job include:

  • Helping employers find suitable employees for open positions
  • Help candidates (job seekers) find jobs that suit their skill set
  • Taking vacancy details from employers
  • Generate new business through cold calling companies
  • Interviewing and testing candidates as a way to build a pool of people with varying skills to fill certain vacancies in client companies
  • Screening and short-listing certain candidates prior to their interview with a potential employer
  • Building good relationships with client companies to ensure repeat use of the agency
  • Negotiating agency fees
  • Headhunting
  • Keeping records of clients
  • Candidates, and vacancies, among other duties

Recruitment consultants may deal with clients who need candidates for both permanent and temporary work at all levels and across many industry sectors.

CV tips for job roles in recruitment.

Formatting your CV. 

CV should be presented in a very professional manner, this means following a traditional format. The aim of a CV is to explain to a potential employer in a concise manner why the applicant is suitable for the particular recruitment consultant role.

Some applicants use bullet points in the cover letter to help keep it from getting too long, but providing pertinent information to convey suitability for the role. The CV should be limited to two pages; keep it short and concise because many employers do not have a great deal of time to read a long CV.

What should be included and highlighted?

Generally speaking, the CV should include basic personal information, key skills, qualifications, experience, personal interests  and details of referees.

It should also be tailored to the specific role. Previous experience in sales or customer service should be emphasised. Remember that vacancies in recruitment consultant jobs need to be filled by people who have good communication and interpersonal skills.

These should all be highlighted in the CV. Specific skills that should be highlighted include:

  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Good sales and negotiation skills
  • A confident and positive attitude
  • The ability to work under pressure and meet targets
  • A professional manner
  • Good organisational and administrative skills
  • The ability to work well in a team 

In terms of personal qualities, applicant should try to demonstrate that they are ambitious and competitive individuals. Other key competencies may include headhunting, interviewing, marketing, an eye for detail, desire to win, and the ability to sell.

Selling yourself on your CV.

Remember that the potential employer is looking for an applicant who can fill a particular role and will be looking for a CV that will demonstrate proven experience in the role.

The best way to convey this information and to sell yourself is by giving genuine examples of previous projects or situations, how the work was completed, and the benefits the work provided to the company overall.  Provide as much detail as the limited space will allow.

Things to avoid putting on your CV.

Applicants for recruitment consultant jobs should avoid putting information into a CV that is not relevant to the particular role.  It is easy to stray away from the point when listing certain experiences, job history, skills, etc.  Avoid this by only listing the skills, experience, knowledge, and competencies that are relevant to recruitment consultant jobs.  

Overall, the CV needs to have a presentation and layout that is simple and clear. Any employer looking to fill recruitment vacancies will be turned off by a document that is difficult to read.

Finally, make sure that is free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.