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Boris sees jobs boost from HS2 to build back Britain better.

  • Government’s approval for Notice to Proceed in April moved to full construction in September 2020. 
  • HS2 Ltd seeks 22,000 roles in the coming years to build the Phase One route of Europe's largest infrastructure project.

HS2 Ltd has today (4th September 2020) announced the formal start of construction on Europe's largest infrastructure project, HS2, highlighting the large number of jobs the project will be recruiting for in the coming months and years.

the reality of high speed journeys joining up Britain’s biggest cities in the North and Midlands and using that connectivity to help level up the country has just moved a step closer.

HS2 Ltd CEO - Mark Thurston.

During April 2020, the Department for Transport (DfT) approved HS2 Ltd to issue Notice to Proceed (NtP) to the four Main Works Civils Contractors (MWCCs) working on the project to commence full detailed design and construction of Phase One of the HS2 railway (the route from London – West Midlands).

HS2 is at the heart of our plans to build back better – and with construction now formally underway, it’s set to create around 22,000 new jobs.

As the spine of our country’s transport network, the project will be vital in boosting connectivity between our towns and cities.

But HS2’s transformational potential goes even further. By creating hundreds of apprenticeships and thousands of skilled jobs, HS2 will fire up economic growth and help to rebalance opportunity across this country for years to come.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Britain post-COVID19 with HS2.

In the post-COVID economic environment, this jobs boost provided to the country looks to pump growth into the UK market, with options for many new jobs to be created, available to those that really need it at the tail end of 2020.

Randstad is already looking to fill positions created by this huge infrastructure project over the next two years, and beyond. With up to 7,000 skilled jobs required to complete the West Midlands section of the HS2 route, opportunities are rife and workers required every day to be ready for a call.

London looks to recruit 10,000 new jobs as HS2 gears up for major construction. HS2 Ltd itself is already directly recruiting for 500 new roles over the next three months, with the majority based in Birmingham. As the project moves into the construction phase all our offices are dedicating resource to the key areas across the country that need workers over the entirety of the HS2 project.

The forecasted jobs boost is a clear sign of the key part that HS2 is already playing in supporting Britain’s post-coronavirus economic recovery.

Today marks a major milestone in this government’s ambitions to build back better from Covid-19.
Shovels in the ground to deliver this new railway means thousands of jobs building the future of our country’s infrastructure. This fantastic moment is what leaders across the North and Midlands have called for – action to level up our country by boosting capacity on our railways, improving connections between our regions, and spreading prosperity.

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps.

HS2 for the future of Britain.

The HS2 railway is a significant investment both in the near and longer-term economic health of the country.

A key focus for the project relies on planning ahead for the duration of the project across many years. Apprenticeships, are beginning to be released, promoted through employment partnerships with local authorities and specialist employment support agencies. Promoting job vacancies in this way helps HS2 to ensure that local people benefit from the thousands of opportunities available. HS2 forecasts that the project will create at least 2,000 apprenticeships on Phase One.

HS2 and the UK economy.

An estimated 400,000 supply chain contract opportunities for UK businesses will be created during Phase One of HS2, supporting thousands of jobs on site and many more around the country. It is estimated that around 95% of those contract opportunities will be won by UK based businesses and around two-thirds of those will be small and medium-sized businesses. HS2 will also significantly improve connectivity in the North and Midlands and will also integrate the existing network serving stations into Scotland, creating hundreds of thousands of extra jobs and an estimated 90,000 homes around HS2 stations.