People in personal assistant jobs provide a foundation that allows executives and directors in businesses to use their time as efficiently and effectively as they possibly can. PA's work closely with their bosses in order to provide personal admin support and to take care of any tasks that do not require the high-level individual's direct attention.

To be successful in PA jobs, individuals need to be trustworthy, reliable, and organised in completing work by the required deadline. Their boss also needs to be able to have confidence in the individual, as PAs are often required to personally represent their bosses at official functions and events. This article will explain how to create an effective and eye-catching CV for a personal assistant role.


When writing a CV for any personal assistant position, it is important to create a professionally laid out document that is well organised and effectively highlights relevant experience. In general, a CV should not be longer than two sides of A4 paper and should make use of bullet points to clearly and concisely highlight career achievements and experience.

The document should be neatly laid out, with the individual's name and contact details located at the top of the page. Below this, a brief three-sentence synopsis of the individual's career so far – and their aspirations – should be included, before a section dedicated to detailing work experience.

Role of a personal assistant.

Below this, another section can be used to list educational and work-related achievements and qualifications that have been acquired. Individuals may also want to highlight any other relevant skills they have and any applicable software packages they are proficient in using. The final section should provide details of referees.

Skills to highlight.

When applying for personal assistant jobs, some experience in a similar type of position, with a similar level of responsibility, will obviously be beneficial to include in the CV. Conveying an ability to multi-task – and get things done – will be vital, as personal assistants often need to juggle multiple plates and wear many different hats. Whether it is organising the executive's diary or representing them at official meetings, a wide range of skills is required to be successful.

Our business support recruiters outline their top CV writing tip here:


Experience in admin roles will stand an individual in good stead, although most employers will want to see some evidence that the individual is entirely trustworthy and able to handle sensitive information effectively.

Personal assistants are often privy to highly sensitive information that could be commercially damaging if leaked; therefore, it is often a good idea to highlight a relevant piece of experience that shows that the individual can be trusted entirely, such as previous responsibility for a company's finances.
Employers will not necessarily be looking for direct experience in a personal assistant position and someone who has worked as an office secretary at a large company, for example, is likely to have developed many of the skills required to be a good personal assistant. They should use these experiences to their advantage by highlighting the position in their CV and by pointing out any transferable skills that will be relevant.