There are a number of ways to approach an interview and with a few tips, you can make sure you'll make a good impression.

One of the first and oldest tips is to prepare in advance. This isn't just about reading a job spec or learning about your prospective employer's organisation. You should research their competitors, check out news websites, conduct a Google News search, read up on their social media postings and ask people who work for them. That way you can throw in questions that clearly demonstrate you understand the organisation.

tips for the interview.

Many candidates - if not all - will feel a degree of stress from the prospect of having an interview. One of the best tips to handle this is by preparing answers for standard interview questions and arriving at your interview early. 

In the interview, you should be able to answer interview questions adequately and succinctly if you have prepared beforehand. You should also approach the interview with appropriate enthusiasm towards the subject and maintain a positive and friendly air. One of the best tips for an interview would be to present yourself as someone the interviewer could work with on a day-to-day basis...

interview closing and follow-up tips. 

You should always try to end an interview on a positive note; for example, telling the interviewer you're pleased to have been considered for the role and are enthusiastic about taking the process forward. 

Additional tips for after the interview include sending your thanks by email or a LinkedIn connection to the interviewer and responding quickly to any queries they may have regarding your application