personality based audit job interview questions and answers.

how would you describe an auditor role to a layperson? 

These interview questions and answers are intended to assess your understanding of the auditing role in practical terms. Any good interview guide will highlight how important it is to have done some research to be in a position to provide a credible answer with specific examples of typical projects and tasks, as well as things like reporting lines and stakeholder management.

tell us about some recent developments within the audit industry. 

This is a great opportunity to show an understanding of the audit industry as a whole, through ongoing professional development, keeping up with industry communications or through your professional network for example. Make sure your answer is as relevant as possible to the prospective employer and the role in question.

what do you know about the ACA qualification? 

The ACA is the Chartered Accountant qualification, one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available. An in-depth understanding and appreciation of this is critical with regard to starting a career in auditing.

why do you want to work in auditing? 

You will probably have numerous answers to this question, so it is important to be concise and at the same time not be daunted by the sheer amount of detail you want to get across. You could talk about a desire to understand how some of the country’s top companies operate, and the opportunity to engage with these companies and build long-term relationships through them. It is important for passion and excitement to shine through.

why do you want to leave your current role? 

Be honest while staying positive, avoiding anything that suggests conflict or in which you could be perceived as portraying your current employer or manager negatively. This will reflect equally badly on you. A better interview tactic is to talk instead about the need for new challenges and development opportunities.

general interview questions.

Scenario based interview questions and answers

Tell me about a time when you solved a difficult problem. 

Scenario based questions are particularly common in typical interview questions and answers structures for audit roles as they provide practical proof of certain core competencies. In your example, interviewers will be looking for demonstrations of teamwork, leadership and versatility, problem-solving and quick thinking.

what examples do you have of demonstrating excellence in stakeholder management? 

In addition to technical competencies, prospective employers will want reassurance that candidates have the right people skills and are able to apply these effectively with colleagues and clients at all levels of seniority.

company based interview questions and answers.

how much do you know about our company? 

Possibly the best interview tip is to research and understand the company, its products and services. Avoid reeling off a list of memorised information, and instead highlight particular things that caught your interest.

what makes you want to work for us? 

Use this to show that you understand the organisation’s philosophy and values and that these align with your own beliefs and preferences. Talk about your admiration for the organisation in an honest way, without slipping into what could be perceived as cynical or insincere flattery.

what is it about this role that particularly attracts you? 

Focus on the alignment of the opportunities the role offers with your personal aims and ambitions and convey what a good fit you are for the role by drawing attention to the parallels between your skills and experience, and the role requirements.

career based interview questions and answers.

what achievement are you most proud of? 

Most interview guides will recommend having at least one example to hand so you are not seen to be struggling to think of something. The answer should be told like a story, in an engaging way, and demonstrate that you are the right person for the job due to a mixture of the right competencies and attitudes.

how successful have you been in your career so far? 

It is a good interview tactic to learn how to strike a balance between sounding confident but not conceited and modest but not overly self-critical. Acknowledge that while you are proud of your achievements there is always scope for improvement and development and you are keen to continue your journey with new opportunities.

how long do you intend to be in this role? 

It is important to show commitment and loyalty so by all means mention that you are particularly interested in roles with scope for internal mobility within an organisation. One final interview tip is to use this as a chance to show ambition by making it clear that you are stimulated by a continual challenge.

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