Your CV and cover letter have done their jobs - you have been invited to an interview. Here are a few tips to help it go as smoothly as possible.


  • Do some research about the organisation and the local area - it's good to show some interest.
  • Think about why you want the job and why you are the best match – this is a frequently asked question.
  • Gather all of your certificates, a couple of copies of your CV and any other required paperwork.
  • If there are any gaps on your CV, be ready to explain how this time was spent.
  • Try to think of questions to ask the interview panel at the end of the interview.


  • Arrive early. Leave yourself enough time to get there, allowing for traffic etc. If you are unable to do anything about your delay, you must phone ahead and explain your situation.
  • Greet your interviewers with a smile, a handshake and eye contact.
  • Speak clearly (but not too fast) and try not to deviate from the subject at hand.
  • Listen carefully to what the interviewers are saying to you and the questions they ask. If you do not understand what they are asking you, just ask for clarification.
  • When answering the interviewers' questions, if appropriate, back up your responses with examples from your own experience and what you have learned from them.
  • Most importantly, relax and be yourself.

The second interview.

  • Think back to your first interview.
  • Be prepared to go into more depth. Try to think of answers to any questions you found difficult first time around.
  • Think of new answers, ideas and examples to questions they might repeat.
  • Be confident, succinct and remain calm.
  • Ask more questions, such as what will you be expected to accomplish in the first six months.

If you are offered the job at the interview and are unsure how to answer, just be polite, thank them for the offer and say that you would like some time to think about it.