Are you busy preparing for an interview for a job in the architecture sector? Ensure that you read our top interview tips below to make the best of the opportunity.

Always wear smart attire for interviews, and remember to check that your shoes and nails are clean and that your hair is neat and tidy. This is very basic advice but remember that first impressions certainly do count. Check the address and contact details for interview meetings, and establish in advance what the best route is to take, and always leave plenty of time to reach the venue a bit earlier than required.

Do your research on the company and, if identities are known, the interviewers as well. Always compose a couple of interesting questions to ask them before you leave, both about the company itself and the available roles. Candidates should always read over any CVs or application forms as well as the job advertisement again, and ensure that all required skills are demonstrated, or can be supported by examples from past experience.

If you're about to attend an interview for an architecture job, check out our recruiter's top preparation tip below: 

Information for architecture job candidates.

Architects work very closely with clients and construction personnel throughout a project, so interviewers will be looking for candidates who not only have the required architectural qualifications but who are also good communicators. They will also be expected to have the ability to work well within a team and with a variety of individuals that they will come into contact with in the course of their work.

Prospective employees will need to be able to show clearly that they are reliable, conscientious, and possess practical problem-solving skills, as well as being able to maintain a professional approach at all times, even when faced with disagreements and disputes. Be prepared to explain specific experiences that demonstrate these attributes, ideally in previous work environments, or in education if relevant.

Likely architecture interview questions and answers.

  • what do you see as the key challenges faced by architects on a day-to-day basis?
  • how do you see your professional development over the next few years?
  • what are the most intriguing architectural problems you have come across so far?
  • what do you think are the most interesting trends in architecture at the moment?
  • what first prompted you to look at architecture as a career?
  • what elements of architecture do you find it most challenging to explain to others that you work with?

General architecture interview questions.

  • what are the key reasons we should employ you rather than another candidate?
  • why are you looking to leave your current role?
  • how do you see your career developing over the next few years?
  • are you comfortable with working within a large team or managing other staff members?
  • do you have any questions about the role or the company?

Scenario architecture interview questions.

  • describe a recent project and your role in it. What would you like to have done better?
  • tell me about the most difficult architectural problem you have had to solve? How did you go about starting to solve it?
  • van you talk me through what you see as a typical day in this role? What elements most appeal to you?
  • if I asked you to design your ideal building, what would be its key elements?