Whichever way you look at it, sales management jobs can be challenging; they are required to lead a team of competitive, ambitious individuals, ensuring they all perform to the best of their abilities to the benefit of the company as a whole. Sales managers also have the added pressure of needing to step into the breach to secure strategic contracts that can have a hugely significant impact on the future of the company.

For these reasons, a sales manager interview is never an easy process. This article will provide example questions designed to help sales manager candidates prepare for interview effectively and convince the interviewers that they are selecting the right person. Randstad also provide information on what salary to expect as a sales manager.

Interview questions for sales manager jobs.

  • How would people describe your management style?

This question is inevitable, so candidates should consider asking people they have worked with previously whether they would be willing to provide a written testimonial concerning their management style.

Having a selection of endorsements to hand will really add credibility to the candidate's answer, providing evidence that the individual has the leadership qualities necessary for this type of role.

  • How would you motivate a struggling salesperson?

Candidates must make it clear that they will work to encourage, motivate and inspire all members of the team, not just those who are successful.

  • Tell us about a time when you managed to close a major deal.

To become a sales manager, candidates will need to have firm evidence of their ability to sell when the stakes are high. Candidates should discuss major accounts they have played a role in securing and the impact that this business had on their company.

Candidates should also bring an indication of their past sales records with them, making references to any relevant awards they have won over their careers or any highlights that stand out.

  • Why are you interested in working for us?

In answering this question, it is essential to show a thorough understanding of the company, its values and the markets it focuses on. The best salespeople take their research seriously.

This question is also a way for the interviewers to test whether the values of the company and the individual align or differ.

  • Have you ever had to make a decision that your sales team did not agree with?

Try to display a willingness to be innovative, even in the face of opposition. Obviously, the decision must have had a positive effect on the company or the interviewers will simply think the candidate is stubborn and unwilling to listen to advice.

  • How do you nurture talent?

The interviewers will be looking for evidence that that the candidate understands the need for a strong and achievable sales strategy. They will also want to know that the candidate views training and personal development as important parts of the jigsaw and will be working to a long-term plan.