A software developer works on the design and installation of software systems for businesses, playing a key role in the way a company operates and how efficiency can be improved. Software developer jobs often include responsibility for testing and maintaining software systems and usually work closely with designers, analysts and internal staff.

All sectors of industry employ software developers and Randstad Technologies is a recruitment agency that specialises in placing well-qualified IT professionals with a wide range of organisations. The company has built up a network of contacts with major businesses and is able to offer information and support to prospective candidates.

The qualifications required to be a software developer depend on the level of job applied for. It goes without saying that a good knowledge of IT is essential, while a degree or BTEC HND in computer science or related subjects will help open doors. Knowledge of products such as Java, Oracle and C++ will also be an advantage.

Interview preparation

When preparing for interview it helps to spend some time on researching exactly what the company does and how it operates. Almost all businesses have an online presence now, so the company website is the best place to start. Gaining an understanding of its structure and corporate culture, as well as its history, is likely to be useful at some point during the interview. Prospective employers tend to be impressed if a candidate has done his or her homework.

Getting there on time

When arriving for interview it is advisable to arrive early. The journey should be carefully planned to avoid any chance of being late.

Dress code

Though some companies may have a reasonably casual dress code for employees, it is best to dress as smartly as possible. First impressions do count and an untidy appearance is likely to send negative signals to a prospective employer, even before the interview has begun.

Job description

It is always worth re-reading the job description to ensure complete familiarity with what is required. In addition, check through the application to ensure that answers given at interview match up with information provided on the form.

Professional demeanour

Taking a confident approach, but not too confident, as this could suggest arrogance, should help create a good first impression with the interviewer(s).Giving a firm handshake and maintaining eye contact promote a sense of honesty and openness. Having invited a candidate for interview it is assumed that the employer will already have decided that he or she possesses the necessary qualifications and experience appropriate for the job. Whether the interviewee is successful therefore depends, to a large extent, on the way the candidate handles the interview process. Demonstrating confidence, enthusiasm and positivity throughout the course of the meeting is a sure fire way to achieving a positive outcome.

Further information

A software developer has an important role to play and an employer is likely to ask some fairly standard, but probing questions, which typically include:

  • What aspects of your previous work do you consider to have been successful?
  • How do you cope if something goes wrong?
  • Given the opportunity, would you take up the offer of further training?
  • What is the highest level of responsibility you have taken on?