Standard interview questions.

Employers will likely begin an interview with questions to determine your competency and attitudes toward work. These can vary from the very open-ended "Tell us a bit about yourself" to asking what role you fill as a member of a larger team. By answering such interview questions, you will give your potential employer the first tastes of your personality and suitability for the role.

The interview will then usually head toward questions referring specifically to the skills needed for the role as well. You can prepare for such questions by reviewing your relevant experience with the job description in mind.

Where you may lack certain experiences, such as work with specific computer programmes, you should prepare to draw parallels to similar skills in order to address the questions fully.

Tough interview questions.

No matter how much you prepare, you could always be caught off-guard by interview questions.

Tough interview questions can include those about dealing with difficult co-workers, leaving previous jobs or handling stress. 

Often, an interviewer may ask highly specific or even seemingly irrelevant questions to put your on-the-spot thinking to the test. In the event of such questions, it will be important to remain collected and answer to the best of your ability.