Going for an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, and a number of people make simple mistakes that end up costing them the position. Interviews for any particular role can be daunting, and sales interviews are no exception. However, Randstad believes that if you prepare, sell yourself and look presentable succeeding at sales interviews will become a stroll.


jobs often require a certain type of individual – someone who is driven, ambitious and above all good at communicating and coming across as a people person. Having the ability to convince someone to buy a product is a great asset to any company.  However, before landing this type of role you have to make sure you secure a ‘sale’ at the interview.

Salesmen and women may have to work extra hard to sell themselves during an interview as this is the first opportunity your potential employer will get to see your techniques. Whilst having the gift-of-the-gab and being easy to get along with is one thing, as with all interviews, a level of preparation is key to success. You will need to do your
homeowner and be prepared to answer some tough questions.

Here are a few interview tips for jobs in this sector:

Be prepared

If you are a good salesperson you will know how to sell yourself. You should view the interview as you would any sales pitch and make sure that you are familiar with the company and what they expect from their employees. Be confident in yourself and your abilities but make sure you have a back catalogue of your sales achievements to use as evidence of your skills.  

When you land a new job, you are essentially striking a deal between the employer and yourself so you should consider your potential employer as a client. Research the ethics and morals of the company and look into the products and services they offer; showing you’re already up to speed on some of this will be a huge benefit come recruitment time.

Sell yourself

As a salesperson, you are a point of contact for the company, representing them and the brand. As a result, employers will look for someone they feel best fits that role and can sell their product.

If your interviewers don’t feel that you can sell yourself, they may have doubts about how you can sell their product. Bringing a portfolio is a great way to provide evidence of what you’ve done but you shouldn’t show anything that your previous employer might consider confidential as this could be deemed as careless. Evidence of how you can contribute to the company with your contacts and networking skills is vital, so reference real-life examples wherever possible whilst omitting any confidential details.

Employers will want someone who is upbeat, energetic and friendly to appeal to their prospective clients and customers, so it could be worth trying to make them feel at ease and engage in small talk.

Look the part

As with any interview, first impressions count and this is especially true when it comes to sales. When you walk into the interview make sure you are well-groomed and dressed appropriately. Neutral colours such as black and grey allow interviewers to judge you on your personality rather than your fashion choice so steer clear of anything too bold.