The broad role of a test engineer is to plan, design and evaluate technical products, ensuring they are safe, functional and commercially viable.The job is vital to the success of a product and for eliminating any risk that could be involved pre- or post-launch.If you’re considering a career in test engineering or are simply curious about what a role could entail, our analysis of the test engineer job description will prepare you for what to expect.

What kind of person makes a test engineer?

To make it as a test engineer, you’ll need to be a problem solver, analytical and efficient. The ability to work closely with other people, such as software developers or program managers, is also important.Typically, test engineers are adaptable personalities, with analytical attention to detail alongside social awareness, confidence with responsibility and diplomacy.

What experience do you need?

A bachelor’s degree (in engineering or a related subject) is required as standard for the majority of engineering jobs, as well as some level of knowledge surrounding software and hardware technology. Proven understanding of computer programming concepts is also beneficial. In terms of specific software, systems and tools, it varies across sub-sectors, so it’s worth checking out individual job specs to see what is required, though often a lot of on-the-job training is provided.

What is a typical day like?

As there are multiple complex stages in the development process of a product, outlining a typical day is a challenge. Characteristic projects, however, could include:

  • collecting data and analysing results and patterns
  • collating regular progress reports and feedback on usability and serviceability
  • testing any returned or faulty products
  • fixing bugs
  • interacting with other teams to analyse, document and interpret product tests
  • recommending alternative strategies within product development
  • ensuring testing procedures are compliant with any required industry standards

Who hires test engineers?

Test engineers used to be hired primarily in the technology industry but are now are in demand across multiple sectors. This is due (in part at least) to high profile product recall news stories emphasising the need for this role. A huge number of workplaces and institutions advertise for this role several times throughout the year, especially big companies that release new and complex products on a regular basis.


If you’ve read this far, then a career as a test engineer might just be for you. But just in case you’re still not sure, check out our summary bullet points below. If they describe you in a nutshell then get applying now to become a test engineer:

  • analytical, enjoy solving problems and working with people
  • engineering-related Bachelor’s degree (or are working towards one)
  • experience of technology and computer programming
  • intrigued by product development and want to play your part in it