what is an office manager?

As an office manager, you can organise all administrative roles and ensure that the office runs smoothly. You must, however, first develop supervisory skills so that you can consistently supervise others. You will be responsible for resolving employee disputes and hiring and firing employees as an office manager.

company size

The size and type of company will determine your responsibilities as an office manager. In a small business, you will handle most of the jobs yourself whereas, in a large company, you will supervise the work of a team. If you're in charge of a team, it's your job to motivate and encourage them to improve their productivity and quality of work.

every business needs an office manager

Time is critical to a company's success. The need for office managers has grown as a result of this. Business owners will hire an office manager to ensure they complete their office tasks on time. Any brick-and-mortar business that allows customers to visit their location requires an office manager to assist in customer service. A company with many employees will also hire an office manager to deal with employee questions and concerns.

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office manager jobs

average salary of an office manager

Office manager positions in some areas are incredibly competitive. Average salary for an office manager in the UK is £25,757 according to payscale.

factors that will affect your earnings as an office manager

The first factor determining what you can expect from your employer is the type of business and size. If you have more experience in office management, your salary will be higher than a person fresh from school. Your level of education and the number of certificates also increase the salary you get from an office management job. Finally, if you have additional skills, some employers will value them and compensate you accordingly.


type of office managers

Almost every company or business, regardless of size or type, requires a business manager. A career as an office manager can lead to various job opportunities in a variety of companies. Your responsibilities will be similar to those of any other office manager, regardless of the company you work with. Legal office management is a management category in which you are responsible for overseeing law firms. The second category is corporate office manager, where you will be in charge of each company's branches. A medical office manager is the third category, and you will be dealing with hospitals or medical issues. Finally, you can choose to work as a virtual office manager, in which case you will work remotely with various companies.


working as an office manager

Each company or business operates uniquely, but the role of an office manager will differ slightly from one company to the next. When working for a small company or business, you will tend to handle different departments such as customer service, human resources, and many more. If you're interested in working as an office manager, the information below will help you understand what to expect.

office manager job description


An office manager's primary responsibility is to plan so that everything in the office runs smoothly. As a business manager, it is your responsibility to establish a structure of duties necessary to meet your employer's objectives. After you've figured out what your employer's goals are, you'll need to devise a strategy to help them achieve them.


Staffing is a part of your job if you're an executive office manager. As an office manager, you'll work with the human resources department to assist with promotions, compensation, staff recruitment, and the retirement of subordinate employees. If you work in a small business, you may be responsible for staffing on your own.


As an office manager, you will lead and direct your team to achieve your company goals. Thus, it is essential to motivate them to perform better and do a quality job. You can help your team's morale by motivating them, which will help them be more productive. To encourage your team, you can use either external or personal motivation.

communicating with staff

Effective communication is a critical factor that any office manager should have to operate a successful department. As an office manager, you must communicate with your staff and inform them of their responsibilities. It would be best if you also learned effective ways to communicate with your bosses so that you can comprehend the company's needs.

organising resources

As an office manager, it is your responsibility to organise resources, plan, and work together to achieve its objectives. To ensure that a project runs smoothly, you must delegate tasks to qualified individuals and resources.

collaborating with the IT team

Working in a modern office means dealing with technology in almost every aspect of your job. To ensure that your daily operations run smoothly, you'll need to use various software, including spreadsheets, emails, and databases. It is critical to receive digital technology training, such as video conferencing and Zoom meetings. For technical assistance, the office manager must also collaborate with the IT team.

managing social business pages

keeping records

When it comes to a company's success, record keeping is crucial. As a result, any business requires an office manager to assist in the recording of office expenses. It is also your responsibility to manage the budget and ensure that each coin benefits the company by using the record.

responding to complaints

Clients may have a problem with a product or service that the company provides. As an office manager, it is your responsibility to address the problem and, if necessary, compensate the clients. Apart from clients, many employees have complained about their overtime or other issues at work; it is your responsibility to ensure that these issues get addressed.

working environment

You spend the majority of your time as an office manager in an office. Your employer determines the type and size of office you can expect. In most cases, an office manager will have their office. However, an open office plan will require you to share an office with a team in some companies. Some office managers work remotely, but there will still be times when you must work in the office.

work schedule

The average office manager works 35-40 hours per week. However, if you have a lot of work to do, you will need to spend more time in the office to meet deadlines. You will also devote additional time to attending meetings that may be beneficial to the company. On weekdays, you will most likely work during the day. If your company is operating for an extended hour, it will need your services during the night, holidays, and weekends. In most companies, if you work extra hours in the office, they will compensate you with overtime pay.

virtual hours

Working as a virtual office assistant allows you to work with a variety of companies. It is simple to maximise your earnings this way because you have the option of working for as many employers as possible. As a virtual assistant, set up an office for yourself, either by renting or working from home. You will have to schedule the time you spend working for your clients if you use virtual assistance.

job outlook

As an office manager, you will interact with various departments and will be able to learn new skills from them. This way, you have the opportunity to advance your career by learning more skills. If you work for a small business, you can gain experience and apply for a more significant position in a giant corporation. Since you have exposure to running a business, you might want to consider adding more responsibilities to your current job or starting your own business. Besides, as your experience and expertise grow, so will your salary.

Group of people having a meeting, in a room with glass windows
Group of people having a meeting, in a room with glass windows

education & qualifications

It is essential to have a college degree to qualify for an office management position, just like any other job. The best part about working as an office manager is that it is open to people with any degree. Most employers will consider a candidate with administrative experience, supervisory skills, proper time management, and knowledge of various software programs. If you have experience in an office-based environment or a job that you communicate with clients, you have the upper hand in getting an office management job.

educational requirements

Even though you can get an office management job with any degree as long as you have office experience, most employers prefer the following degrees:

  • Human resource management
  • Management
  • Business management/ administration
  • Computing and information management

It is simple to handle client complaints and explain your product and services in detail if you have a related degree. Even after you've got a job, you should think about continuing your education or getting more training to get a promotion or a raise in pay.

skills and competencies

The primary responsibility of the office manager is to ensure that office operations run smoothly. You will also work with various departments, so having skills to assist you in your daily operations is essential. As an office manager, you'll need the following skills:

  • Negotiation and communication skills
  • Strong IT and typing skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to prioritise important tasks and work under pressure.
  • Project management.
  • Teamwork and motivation skills
  • Be adaptable
  • Leadership skills



FAQs about working as an office manager

What is an office manager role?

The responsibilities of an office manager will differ depending on the company where you work. As an office manager, your primary responsibility is to ensure that all office activities run smoothly. You will need to organise resources and divide duties for employees following the business's requirements. It is your responsibility as an office manager to motivate your employees to achieve the company's objectives.

What are the qualifications for an office manager?

To become an office manager, you should have a college degree, just like many other jobs. Even if you can get an office management job with any degree, having a degree in office management, such as human resource management or business management, is preferred. If you've worked in an office or with customers, you'll have a better chance to get considered by most employers.

Is an office manager a receptionist?

A receptionist and an office manager are present in most companies, and their primary function is to assist with office work. A receptionist handles light office tasks, while an office manager collaborates closely with managers and colleagues to ensure that the workplace runs smoothly, and that organisational tasks get coordinated.

What does an office manager do in a small business?

A small business needs an office administrator to help it grow and succeed. This person will help to oversee and run the activities at the workplace. The office manager will also ensure that essential finances are appropriately managed, proper usage of resources, and business expansion. You may not have all departments in a small business. Human resources, for example, will get handled by the office manager.

What's another title for office manager?

Not all companies will refer to this role as office manager. Other titles may include vice president of operations, administration specialist, administrative services manager, section manager, office supervisor, and operation manager.


working with randstad as an office manager

People who work as office managers now have the option of working from home. You can handle most office functions, such as planning and budgeting, as an office manager without commuting to the office. Office managers have the opportunity to advance their careers and earn more money than other employees. Some office managers work as virtual assistants, which allows them to work with a wide range of businesses. Virtual assistants can maximise their earnings and tailor their working hours to the needs of their clients.

always a chance for an office assistant

Almost every business requires office management to assist with day-to-day operations. This fact guarantees that there will be a job market for more office managers. There are many positions to choose from if you have the appropriate qualifications. When you first start as an office manager, your salary will be lower than someone with more experience. The more experience you gain, the higher your salary and responsibilities will grow.

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