People in sales administrator jobs are the key administrators behind any working operation. They provide the sales team with an important link between themselves and the clients by processing related paperwork, arranging appointments, and generating leads. They will also be responsible for dealing with invoices, chasing debtors, and monitoring the order process. Sales administrators are often the first point of contact for the general public, so will need to have excellent interpersonal skills to meet the needs of their employer.

Ideal candidates for sales administrator jobs.

Employers will often request candidates who are adaptable and have good, all-round administrative abilities: whether this be generated from previous work experience or from qualifications gained from colleges or universities nationwide. Sales administrators must also have working knowledge of spreadsheet and database software, with Microsoft Excel and Access being the most commonly requested applications, which will generally require some form of ICT qualification or certification gained from a reputable provider. 

Candidates will need to have a willingness to deal with monotony, since administration can largely become routine over time. However, this ensures those who are more task-oriented will be able to streamline their daily tasks more efficiently and free more time for other things requested of them by employers.

This also creates a very unique opening: candidates can be called upon by employers to fill side tasks, allowing them to demonstrate their skills outside of administration. This could lead to promotion and advancement through a different field within the employer's business that candidates could use administration as a springboard for.

Hard skills.

A functional understanding of ICT software suites is essential for sales administrators, since employers will often request a working knowledge of various packages. Proven experience is often acceptable, but candidates without computing knowledge can gain understanding through a national qualification. GCSE-level ICT is often acceptable, but qualifications for specific applications can often be gained, such as the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) from Microsoft, that shows employers a working knowledge of the most popular software packages; including Excel and Access. 

Secretarial skills are often regarded as advantageous as the job may involve taking on diary management duties for company executives. In addition to this, sales administrators will often be required to handle the telephone, make copies, and file documents when necessary. 

Soft skills.

Candidates will need to have a pleasant demeanour since sales administration is largely customer facing. Therefore, excellent communication skills are usually held in the highest regard. Those who are service-minded usually thrive in this role, but a more analytical approach is sometimes thought to be favourable, since the more routine tasks involved in the role will require a methodical approach. Regardless of the temperament, those who come into the role with a positive attitude and a willingness to adapt to the business' needs are sure to be received well by employers.

Candidates will also need to conform to a business' dress code of appearance. For the most part, this will conform to standard conservative business dress: shirts, ties and trousers for men and blouses and skirts for women. They'll also need to be well-groomed and maintain high standards of personal hygiene. 

Employment prospects for sales administrators.

Those who wish to become sales administrators are likely to find good conditions for employment. Over 40% of recently advertised roles were for permanent positions for salaries in the region of £20,000. General clerical openings were the highest recruiters, but specific industries like production, manufacturing, construction, and real estate were all widely hiring for sales administrators. This provides the role with a good level of safety for those who require job security.

Sales administrators are most likely to be employed in major urban areas, with London, Bristol, Manchester, and Birmingham all registering as having high levels of activity for sales administrators. However, it is arguably a national field and those who become sales administrators are not likely to have to travel far in order to find a suitable role for their needs.