what is a sales administrator?

A sales administrator offers after-sales support, arranges for deliveries and processes payments and sales orders. They are employed in just about any industry. For instance, you can improve efficiency in order processing in retail stores. Some manufacturing companies and production facilities also need sales administrators to handle order processing and invoices.

As a sales administrator, you work under the business owner if you work in a small sales office. In a large organisation, you may work within a team. However, most employers prefer to hire someone who works under minimum supervision, so the job could be yours if you are hardworking, well organised and have exceptional telephone manners.

what does a sales administrator do?

The job description of a sales administrator is largely the same across all industries, but your tasks vary depending on the organisation you are working for. Sometimes, you compile monthly reports, maintain sales records and issue invoices after confirming order details. Some big organisations have multiple administrators.

Would working in sales as a sales administrator suit your customer service skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a sales administrator role.

sales administrator jobs

average salary of a sales administrator

According to National Careers, the median salary for sales administrators is £17,000 per year at entry-level positions. When you have gained experience and additional skills, your earnings rise to £28,000 annually. Sales administrators usually receive allowances and extra benefits with their compensation packages. For instance, you can enjoy paid leave days, medical and transport allowances and contributions to your pension scheme.

As a sales administrator, you also receive commissions for closing sales and processing orders. Some companies have a percentage for calculating the commissions, while others pay commissions in annual bonuses to all employers. Working overtime also attracts a higher rate.

what factors affect the salary of a sales administrator?

The compensation package of a sales administrator depends on their skills, experience and educational level. Higher educational qualifications improve your salary prospects by increasing your chances of a promotion. Your employer also impacts your earnings potential. When you work for a small retail store, your earnings will be less due to the low to medium-range revenue of the company. In larger organisations, sales administrators earn more and enjoy numerous benefits due to the unlimited resources and high revenue range that the company earns. However, work in large companies is complex and highly competitive due to commission payouts.


types of sales administrators

There are different types of sales administrators, depending on the industry sector. Some of the common sales administrators include:

  • information technology sales administrators: your job is to promote the sale of information technology products, from computer hardware parts to software. You explain the purchase process to potential customers and help them process their orders.
  • financial sales administrators: your job is to assist sales representatives with marketing financial products and services. You can look for potential buyers online and answer inquiries from the company website.
  • industrial products sales administrators: as a sales administrator, you boost the sales of industrial products by sourcing clients who can buy large quantities. You also help with order processing and confirming payments before products are released from the warehouse.
  • retail sales administrators: as a sales administrator, you work in business-to-business or business-to-customer sales. It's the most common sales administrator position in a wide range of industries with internal sales departments.


working as a sales administrator

Working as a sales administrator involves assisting the sales team with order processing and keeping customer records. You confirm that the customer provided the correct details before transferring the order to the production or delivery team. Let's explore some of the responsibilities of a sales administrator.


education and skills

Some of the qualifications of a sales administrator include:

  • college course: while sales administrator roles don't require post-secondary education, completing a college course helps you learn about the role. For instance, you can complete a Level 2 or 3 diploma in business administration. Alternatively, pursue a Level 3 course in sales and account management or the T Level diploma in management and administration. The requirements for the Level 2 course are two or more GCSEs, while the Level 3 and T-Level courses require 4 or 5 GCSEs from grades 9 to 4.
  • apprenticeship: you can join an advanced apprenticeship in business administration and learn on the job as you complete the coursework. You need at least 5 GCSEs for the advanced apprenticeship programme.

skills and competencies of a sales administrator

Some of the skills that a sales administrator needs include:

  • customer service skills: as a sales administrator, you communicate with customers and help them through the purchase process. You need to be persuasive to encourage clients to place an order.
  • negotiation skills: when processing orders placed through online channels, you need to negotiate the discounts and prices for the products. Negotiation skills help you convenience the client to place an order and agree to the terms of service.
  • communication skills: as a sales administrator, you spend most of the day on the phone liaising with sales reps and talking to clients. Good communication skills and phone etiquette will help you excel.
  • organisational skills: since you handle multiple orders from different clients, it is important to be organised to avoid mixing up the orders. Organisation skills also help you meet order deadlines.
two colleagues having a meeting
two colleagues having a meeting


FAQs about working as a sales administrator

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