what is a sales consultant?

As a sales consultant, you participate in improving a company's sales and product promotion. Since you have experience in the sales industry and a well-developed network, you can facilitate negotiations and persuade your network to purchase your client's products. You also close deals effortlessly using a structured and proven process.

You will work with sales and marketing teams to analyse opportunities and develop a marketing strategy. As a sales consultant, you offer advice and assist sales representatives in developing marketing strategies to meet targets and goals. Since you are responsible for nurturing a company's relationship with clients, you have to train the sales representatives to drive sales and close deals.

As a sales consultant, you can work for a consulting firm and help different companies that need to improve their sales strategies. Alternatively, you can focus on a specific organisation and use your skills to analyse market statistics and develop ways to improve brand awareness and beat competitors. You don't have to meet with prospects when you work for a specific company, as you have sales representatives to close deals. Your role will involve supervising and advising the company on areas of improvement in sales.

Would working in sales as a sales consultant suit your analytical and negotiation skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a sales consultant role.

sales consultant jobs

sales consultant salary

According to ONS, the average salary of a sales consultant in the UK is £31,846 per year. That means sales consultants earn an hourly rate of approximately £16.33. New sales consultants receive £25,000 at the beginning of their careers, while experienced sales consultants earn over £55,000 annually. Apart from basic pay, you will receive various allowances and benefits, including paid holidays and medical insurance.

Since the sales industry relies on rewards to motivate staff to achieve their goals, sales consultants receive commissions for closing deals. Some companies have annual bonuses for bringing in top clients. You can also boost your income through overtime pay and other incentives provided to the sales team.

factors that determine the salary of a sales consultant

A sales consultant's compensation package relies on their experience and networking skills. Your experience lands you more clients and increases your commissions and other perks. Your qualifications and skills also influence your earnings. As you increase your academic qualifications, the compensation package scales upwards. That's because education improves your transferable skills.

Sometimes, the company size and location also affect your earnings. You earn higher commissions and bonuses for successful deals if you work in a large company. Small start-ups have minimal commissions since the deals they close don't bring huge revenue to the business. Urban centres also pay more due to the high demand for sales consultants.



types of sales consultant

Some of the types of sales consultants include:

  • independent sales consultant: an independent sales consultant is an external expert in sales who can help client companies achieve their goals. Your role is to assess your client's current sales and marketing strategies and study market statistics. You recommend the best promotional strategies for various company products and train sales representatives on ways to close deals.
  • automotive sales consultant: you are an expert in selling vehicles and automobiles. Your job is to study demographics and identify groups likely to buy a specific type of vehicle. You also design sales strategies for specific target groups.
  • home sales consultant: you assist estate agents with closing deals and selling properties by devising a sales and marketing strategy that targets different buyers.
  • sales and marketing consultant: a sales consultant can harmonise the functions of sales and marketing teams and ensure they work towards the same goals. For instance, you help companies develop marketing strategies that complement sales techniques to ensure the customer receives the same message from the company.


working as a sales consultant

Working as a sales consultant involves developing creative ways to sell products and services to different customers. You need persuasiveness and creativity to meet your targets and accomplish your goals.


education and skills

You can become a sales consultant with the following steps:

  • university degree: you need at least a bachelor's degree to become a sales consultant. You can pursue any business-related course like business management, administration, advertising or marketing. While an MBA isn't necessary, a master's degree will boost your qualifications.
  • gaining work experience: you need industry experience in sales and as a business development representative. You can start by working as a sales representative to build your network and portfolio.

skills and competencies

Some of the skills and competencies of a sales consultant include:

  • persuasion: as a sales consultant, you need to persuade potential customers to purchase your client's products or services. You emphasise the product features and highlight the benefits to consumers. To improve your persuasiveness, you need to communicate clearly, listen actively and answer your prospective customers' questions.
  • positivity: as a sales consultant, you need to project genuine enthusiasm and a positive outlook and use optimistic language in your conversations. People are drawn to someone with positive energy and enthusiasm about a product. Your language should resonate with your clients.
  • outgoing personality: you need an outgoing personality to strike up conversations with strangers and sell your products subtly. You will appear friendly and draw people into conversations easily.
  • detail-oriented: as a sales consultant, the product features, prices and inventory should be at your fingertips. When the figures change, you need to keep up with the details to avoid misinformation to prospective customers.

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Randstad employer brand photo, internal, people, consultants, branch, branches


FAQs about working as a sales consultant

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