The head of a sales team is responsible for the overall sales strategy of a business and, ultimately, whether enough money is coming into the business to keep it afloat. They need to be able to manage the incredibly ambitious, motivated and competitive individuals in the sales team to ensure they can work together in order to provide maximum benefit to the entire organisation.

Sales director jobs.

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Part of a team.

Sales directors take responsibility for the sales - and often the marketing – side of the company. It is their task to analyse statistics, and find ways to improve the amount of money coming into the business by attracting new customers. They do this by creating and presenting reports, and working to generate effective sales strategies.

Once these have been accepted, the sales director is then required to oversee their implementation across the various departments affected. In addition to the strategic element of their work, sales directors also often work to personally secure large business deals with high-level individuals from other companies. As a result of this, they need to retain and use their extensive knowledge of sales and relationship building techniques.

Standing out.

To be effective in their roles, it is essential that sales directors have a thorough understanding of their specific market place, and have the respect and co-operation of everyone within the sales and marketing departments.

Varying responsibilities in sales director jobs.

The responsibilities attached to the sales director position can vary considerably depending on the size of the organisation. A sales director at a small independent car dealership, for example, is unlikely to be leaving the office very often, or engaging in week-long negotiations with key clients.

The sales director of a multinational company, on the other hand, is likely to be required to travel the world to meet important people, and market their business effectively. The sales director may be responsible for a small in-house sales team, or may have teams across the country under their control.

As the position of sales director is effectively the top position at most companies when it comes to sales jobs, there is not a great deal more room for progression.

Individuals who feel they need a new challenge often have to move to a larger company if they want their careers to grow, attempting to thrive in a different marketplace and environment.

Growth in the role.

Individuals may also be able to move into company ownership positions with relative ease, thanks to their experience.

Sales director jobs are very well paid and respected within businesses, and holding such a position at a large company will guarantee a large salary.

Anyone who is interested in making the step up to a sales director position can use a recruitment company to find relevant positions for their skill level and specialism.