what is a service representative?

A service representative answers clients' questions, responds to complaints, and offers helpful information concerning the company. If you opt for this career, be prepared to respond to customer phone calls and emails. Some service representatives also interact face-to-face, live chat or communicate through social media with customers. Service representatives work in various industries, including telecommunications, hospitality, finance, e-commerce and retail.

As a service representative, you are the first point of contact that customers make with a company. Customer service is an essential factor in brand loyalty, and your job is to build relationships with customers. Your company relies on you to provide quality assistance to all clients who use its products and services. You should present yourself as an expert by solving issues promptly and correctly. While interacting with the customers, you should maintain a positive attitude in your tone and language.

Would working as a service representative suit your ability to have good conversations and interact with customers? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a service representative role.

service representative jobs

average service representative salary

According to ONS, the median compensation package of service representatives is £22,002 per year or an hourly rate of £11.28. The entry-level salary is £20,828 annually. The most experienced service representatives take home over £27,500 per year.

factors that affect service representatives' pay

Your compensation package varies based on the years spent in the profession and your level of education. You start with a lower salary when you are an entry-level worker with less than a year of experience. Your earnings increase in line with your experience. Improving your educational qualifications also boosts your salary prospects. 

The company size and industry may also affect your pay. For instance, working as a service representative in the telecommunications or IT industries attracts a higher salary than in retail or utility companies. Small companies pay lower hourly rates compared with big companies. Your geographical location also influences your pay since big cities with a higher demand for service representatives pay better salaries than small towns.

female service represetative
female service represetative

types of service representatives

The types of service representatives depend on the services they offer. Some include:

  • email service representatives: as an email service representative, you respond to customer inquiries through email. You provide support by answering questions and responding to inquiries. Sometimes, you guide customers through the purchase process.
  • live chat service representatives: as a live chat service rep, you reach out to customers through live chat support. You handle text-based conversations through the live chat software on the company's website or social media pages. Your job is to provide additional information in response to customer inquiries.
  • call centre agents: as a service representative working in call centres, you receive phone calls from clients. You guide them through troubleshooting or the purchase process.

working as a service representative

Working as a service representative provides unique challenges and experiences. Here are the duties and career expectations for the role.


education and skills

Becoming a service representative doesn't require additional educational qualifications. You can join the role if you have a background in sales or marketing. If you complete your GCSEs and pursue post-secondary education, you improve your competitiveness. It also helps to understand customer relationship management (CRM) software, although most employers provide on-the-job training.

service representative skills and competencies

Some of the qualities of a service representative include:

  • communication skills: you should be pleasant when interacting with customers. Good communication skills help you develop empathetic and listening skills. Understanding what the customer wants and having the patience to handle complaints professionally are important qualities.
  • technical knowledge: as a service representative, your job involves managing customer accounts to keep track of their orders and deliveries. Apart from being familiar with the product's technical features, you use your computer skills to operate the customer relationship management software.
  • ability to multi-task: as a service representative, you juggle multiple responsibilities. Being able to multi-task allows you to handle various customer problems promptly.
  • attention to detail: it is essential to handle customer issues in an organised manner. Customer service issues are unpredictable, and you will likely miss some tasks without attention to detail. Ensure you double-check and try any solutions before suggesting them to your customers.
  • proactiveness: it is crucial to build good customer relationships. Being proactive helps you take the initiative to contact customers and determine if their problems are resolved. You should also seek feedback from customers after resolving their issues.


FAQs about working as a service representative

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