what is a site administrator?

As a site administrator, you are in charge of how the construction project runs on a day-to-day basis. You will also be responsible for completing all of the required administrative tasks related to every contract. By default, a site administrator is a site manager who delegates some site administrative tasks. There are specific skill sets that you need to have to become a site administrator, including strong organisational skills, good people skills, and functional computer skills. Usually, as a site administrator, you will work closely with agencies, contractors, and project managers. If you are an analytical individual, this job position will best suit you, especially if you effectively manage deadlines and timelines. Site managers usually report to the site administrator or project manager.

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average salary of a site administrator

Several factors affect how much salary a site administrator will earn. The average salary of site administrators is £23,00 annually. However, some site administrators earn up to £40,000 per year. The lowest-paid site administrator makes £20,00 per year. Some organisations usually include compensation packages for their site administrators and benefits packages, including medical insurance and paid time off.


types of site administrator

While the duties remain the same, the title of site administrator is also known by other names such as:


working as a site administrator

As a site administrator, it is your responsibility to coordinate and plan construction projects. You also need to ensure that safety and building codes are followed. We've pulled together our 6 best tips for your first day on a construction site, should your job require it. The roles often vary depending on the site that you are working on. Discussed below is everything you need to know about working as a site administrator.

site administrator job description

Your specific duties and responsibilities as a site administrator will vary by company, but you will do a variety of administrative office-related tasks. Here are some duties and responsibilities that you should expect to carry out as a site administrator.


work environment

As a site administrator, you will mostly be working in an office setting. However, the offices are sometimes located in trailers on a construction site. Travel in between different job sites is sometimes required. If your job description includes carrying out inspections and ensuring that safety is adhered to at the construction site, you will need to be outdoors. Your time will likely be split with 70% in the office while the remaining 30% will be spent traveling or at a job site. Site administrators work in both the private and public sectors.

work schedule

The work schedule of a site administrator will vary depending on where they are working from. For instance, you work conventional hours when working from the office, but this will differ when you are at the job site. Your schedule will change when you travel between sites, but typically, you will work from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. As a site administrator, you will generally have weekends and nights off, but you will need to maintain some flexibility with your schedule as overtime will be required to meet deadlines. In some cases, you could be called upon to work with an overnight crew on a job site as some projects run 24/7.

job outlook

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a site administrator, the job outlook in this industry is generally positive and is projected to grow by at least 5% in the coming years. Therefore, if you have the skills needed and like working in an interesting and fast-paced environment, consider applying for a job as a site administrator.


education & qualifications

The first thing that you need to consider when becoming a site administrator is your educational background. To start, a company will want to take a look at your GCSEs. Having a bachelor's degree or an associate degree will significantly improve your chances of getting hired. However, it is still possible for you to be hired without those qualifications. Prior experience or experience in a similar role will also improve your chances of getting hired. Suppose you have experience as an administrative assistant. You are qualified to be a site administrator. It would also help if you have experience managing projects or people, even if it's in a different field, as these skills will transfer.

industry certifications

Consider getting voluntary certifications as these will significantly improve your chances of getting hired. Some employers require you to be licensed for various things, especially when you are working on public projects. If special licenses are required, however, the company that hires you will typically help you attain these licenses and will often reimburse you for them.

skills and competencies

Besides your educational background, you also require a specific skill set to be employed as a site administrator. The most vital skills needed are project management and interpersonal skills since you will have to coordinate plans effectively. Most employers usually prefer to hire someone with an educational background in construction and experience in the same field or a related field. Listed below are a couple of skills that you need to be employed as a site administrator.



Here are the most asked questions about working as a site administrator.


working with randstad as a site administrator

There are several perks of working as a site administrator. If you would like to become a site administrator, advance your current education by getting a certification. This is a rewarding profession, especially for hardworking individuals who are able to meet deadlines. The job is often a bit challenging, especially since you are supposed to be reachable 24 hours a day if there is a site emergency. This means that the job is also quite demanding. You will also need to travel from location to location to check on the ongoing construction projects. However, this makes the job fun because every day is different. Site administrators will not be bored at work because they are always doing different things. Additionally, work in this field translates well into other fields and other careers.

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