promote yourself without being obnoxious.

Want to know how to talk about your skills and achievements without sounding arrogant? Top self-promotion tips:

  • Talk the talk, and walk the walk - back up your achievements with examples
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
    Listen to feedback and constructive criticism
  • Appreciate different personality types
  • Know your skills...and your weaknesses!

Regardless of career stage or industry, it is likely that most of us will have had to promote ourselves and our skills at some point in our jobs: whether being by writing a CV or cover letter, selling ourselves to win some business, or simply by explaining why we are good at what we do in a performance review.

And, it’s fair to say, the ability to self-promote with ease will come far more easily to some of us than others - it is always hard to know when we are crossing that line and becoming too ‘self-loving’. Ie, we come across as obnoxious and arrogant, rather than positively promoting our skills and hard work.

So, how can we strike that key balance in the workplace, and promote ourselves without annoying our colleagues? We’ve put together five top tips to help you out:

talk the talk, and walk the walk.

It may sound cliche, but it’s true! It’s no good bragging about your excellent communication skills, brilliant presentation manner, and killer analytical abilities, without any real life examples to back you up. So, when talking about your skills and achievements, be sure to prove yourself with stats and examples and let your work speak for itself.

don’t compare yourself to others.

In the world of work, some people may believe that the fastest way to the top is to put other people and their achievements down. But, however much you think you may be working harder and achieving more than your colleagues, you shouldn’t promote yourself by putting others down. Instead, concentrate on yourself, your achievements, and your career goals. What have you learnt during your time in your role? How have you developed your own skills? 

By focusing on yourself, you will come across as far more professional.

listen to feedback and constructive criticism.

You will stand out in the workplace if you are willing to ask for feedback on your performance from your colleagues, and take any constructive criticism on board. This not only will highlight your desire for personal development, but also give you clear examples to draw on when discussing how you have developed in your role.

appreciate different personality types.

As this tongue-in-cheek article written by Randstad Australia suggests, every workplace will be made up of multiple different personality types. Being able to work effectively with many different types of people is almost the best form of subtle self-promotion: if you are able to recognise what makes your colleagues tick, you’ll be able to adapt your working style with them accordingly. This means that you’ll be seen as skilled not only when working alone, but also when working with a team - result! Want to find out what personality type you are? Click here for a quick and easy online quiz.

know your skills...and your weaknesses!

It’s fair enough to shout about something you have genuine expertise in, but it’s also key to know what you may be less skilled in, and ask for help if needed. This way, you can support others in areas that you are strong in, and let them support you in return.

Hopefully these top tips will have left you feeling confident and able to promote yourself in the best way possible. If you’re after more career advice, you can click here to browse our whole library of articles and top tips. Alternatively, if you’re ready to promote yourself into a brand new job, click below to see what we’ve got on offer: there’s everything from teaching jobs to labourers, and from care workers to accountants.