Demand for skilled workers in the construction industry, despite the current economic climate, rising materials and labour costs remains huge. In Wales alone, over 9,100 construction workers are needed by 2027 in order for the sector to keep up with demand, according to new research. This presents an excellent opportunity for those with the right experience and skill set to land some of the highest paying jobs in the country.

The construction industry remains one of the highest paying sectors in the UK, with the average salary at £45,000 an incredible 33% higher than the UK average. With the ability to earn over £100,000 a year in some construction roles with extensive experience, it's a rewarding sector to be part of, both financially and emotionally.

Working on construction projects generally require individuals to perform a small but vital part within a larger team, and as such offers opportunities in a variety of roles, from bricklayers, carpenters, and architects to quantity surveyors and commercial managers.

What do construction workers make in the UK?

The average salary for a construction worker is around £45,000 per year.

Technical managerial roles within construction are where the highest paying jobs in construction lie. These jobs usually require a University degree along with practical experience in the hands-on side of construction.

Those with the broadest skillset are the most likely to land these top paying jobs as they require individuals to be able to see the big picture within a construction project. 

However, while the salaries of most manual labourer careers in construction, such as carpentry or bricklaying, remain around the national average, it’s worth noting that those who develop a highly specialised skillset within those areas will be able to progress their salaries to rival those listed here. Especially those entrepreneurially minded enough to start their own company. 

Construction is a booming industry that will always be in need of hard working employees. This article is for those looking to progress their careers and their pay checks within the sector.

The highest paid construction jobs (UK)

Commercial manager

Average Salary £85,000 (£56500 to £109,200)

The commercial manager oversees the finances and budget constraints within a construction project and they manage the duties of their commercial team. Usually, Commercial Managers will have a background in Quantity Surveying or possibly engineering. It’s necessary to not only have extensive understanding of the construction industry but to also be a good negotiator with an eye for finances and areas of commercial profit.

Senior project manager

Average salary £83,000 (£59,000 – 116,000) 

Senior Project Managers are responsible for the completion of the construction project and so must oversee all areas of the project, including directly consulting with the architect, delegating to junior project-managers, and coordinating labourers. It’s necessary to have experience in all aspects of construction in order to fully perform this role, to ensure the smooth and cost-effective running of the project.  


Average Salary £64,000

Architects are responsible for the blueprints of new construction projects. Their main tasks are to ensure that the building is safe, functional and, where possible, aesthetically pleasing. Architects will often need to be on hand during the production, as blueprints will require changes due to time and budget restraints or changes in the client’s needs. 

Quantity surveyor

Average Salary £50,775 (£46,300 - £55,250) and £62,000+ for Senior Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyors (QS)' are experts in construction costs and contracts, and their job ranges from estimating the cost of a project, calculating risk and offering contractual advice, to hands-on project management. They work closely with architects and designers to estimate the price of a design and with project managers to keep the project within budget.

want to find out how to become a quantity surveyor? Calum, an experienced QS shares some advice for those looking to enter the industry.

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