There comes a point when every worker contemplates finding a new job. This desire for a change can come about for any number of good reasons, from simply having a bad day that highlights discontentment in a current role to the realisation that no further progress is possible with the current employer.

Whatever the reason, it is a good idea to think carefully before leaving one job for another, as acting impulsively often leads to bad choices being made. Professional advice from recruitment specialists is the best way to keep the job-hunting process on a professional footing and ensure that the most satisfying role is obtained.

Stay professional

Leaving one job before finding another is not recommended. Being unemployed can make a candidate look unreliable to prospective employers. It also means there is no leverage when negotiating terms of a new contract and it puts pressure on the job hunter to take roles that are less suitable due to a need to make money.

The downside of looking for work while already employed is that it can be hard to remain focused on the current job. Tasks can be abandoned or neglected and the quality of work often suffers. It is essential to remember that a reference may be needed and if the quality of work has suffered in the lead-up to leaving, the employer may not be happy to give one.

Be cautious of internet applications
The internet is a great tool for job hunters. However, when using the web there are several things to be wary of. Don’t apply for other vacancies during the working day at your current job. Some employers monitor what their staff look at on the internet, so may be aware of a job search long before the employee believes that it has become common knowledge.

Similarly, if you are applying for posts online, some sites do not release company information and you may end up reapplying to your own company. This again can cause the current employer to find out that an employee is seeking another job and the working environment can suddenly become very uncomfortable.

The discovery that an employee is looking to leave a company can often cause employers to act in a defensive manner and may even lead to the commencement of termination procedures before the employee is ready to move on.

Also, because of the abundance of job boards online that list vacancies, it can be very time-consuming time to trawl through them looking for a good position. This can lead you to apply to multiple positions that do not suit your skills or qualifications.

Seek help from recruiters

Recruitment agencies such as Randstad have designed their services to provide a professional job-hunting experience. Using an agency helps take the hard work and insecurity out of job hunting.
An agency will gather the details of both the job-seeker and current vacant positions within many companies. They then use these details to help match the right person to the job best suited to them.

Another bonus is that there are many vacancies which are only filled through agencies and are not otherwise advertised. Using a recruiter gives job hunters access to many exclusive opportunities.

Using the services provided by a professional recruitment agency also significantly decreases the chance of a current employer finding out about a job search prematurely. It can be tempting to discuss the intention to move on with colleagues or people in your professional network, especially if advice is required. However, this is not advisable; even asking someone to keep it a secret is no guarantee that the news will not reach the wrong ears.

Instead, take advantage of specialist recruiters as they are able to give unbiased, professional advice and all discussions are guaranteed to remain confidential.