Manchester is a shining beacon in an otherwise bleak current existence. Recent statistics have reported an overall increase in unemployment throughout the northwest, but Manchester has shown slight decreases in the number of residents claiming jobseekers allowance and other benefits: suggesting an overall increase in the employability for those in the city. There are three sectors that have recently seen an uplift in vacancies in the Manchester area: sales, administration and customer service - one of several interesting trends in manchester recruitment which have been recently observed. We shall now take a look at some of the jobs on offer within these categories and what candidates can expect from these roles. 

Rising sales, administration and customer service jobs in manchester

Salespeople are quite sociable by nature, which works to their advantage when they are pitching various products and services to prospective buyers. The role can take place in various locations: from small scale events where one-time salespeople are required to pitch to buyers already on site, through to more dedicated teams operating from offices or in the public eye.

Telesales is a particularly popular option for residents in Manchester at the moment, with nationwide statistics suggesting it is a particularly bustling sales channel, as the number of UK call centres increases. Those who get involved within the city can expect a salary starting at £13,000 for part time employment with bonus incentives of up to £300 per week, based on overall performance. Many of these positions will require cold calling, but employers are usually quick to declare whether or not positions will involve warm or cold leads.

Salespeople do not require formal education, but some employers may specify specific credentials depending on the nature of the product or service being sold. For this reason, it is usually a good idea for salespeople to approach the negotiating table with a well-rounded portfolio of basic credentials. Experience in customer facing roles is also highly desirable. Salespeople often work for commission incentives in their sales jobs, and so should be aware of this when applying for positions – some may only pay depending on performance, but will often pay handsomely when doing so.

Office space is on the rise across the United Kingdom and many urban centres, including Manchester, are at the forefront of these developments. While these will be homes to corporate professionals and companies, they will need teams beneath them, which is why administrative professionals are currently in high demand. Administrators are required to carry out routine office tasks including filing, photocopying, telephone handling, various computer-related tasks and more.

Administration personnel do not typically require formal education, but there is an increasing demand from employers for candidates to enter admin jobs having attained some level of administrative skill. This could either be through professional experience, where one to three years is normal or through formal academic qualifications including the BTEC in Office Administration. ICT qualifications are also highly recommended, given the ever changing nature of IT and how administration personnel are expected to stay on top of computing tasks at all times.

Administration personnel usually enter companies for positions based on the national minimum wage, but often have excellent opportunities for internal progression.

Customer service
Those who are interested in customer interaction but do not necessarily want the pressure of sales may want to consider customer service, which is also in high demand throughout Manchester. People who work in customer service jobs are responsible for solving customer queries and coming to amicable resolutions between businesses and consumers. They will usually be based in customer facing positions, but may sometimes be chat operatives who are based in call centres. In both instances, they will usually be in fixed positions and not necessarily require the mobility that salespeople are required to have, depending on the nature of their roles.

Like administration, customer service personnel usually begin entry-level positions for wages in line with the national minimum wage. However, there is slightly more opportunity for progression in a customer service environment, where entry-level representatives can progress to team leaders in as little as one year. Candidates might also find themselves able to progress into other roles, which is especially true of customer service personnel working larger department stores or other businesses were internal transfers are possible. This could help springboard a career to where candidates wish to be, should it not be customer service itself.