Financial services is one of the most forward thinking and dynamic industries in the world and a highly desirable industry to work within.

Jobs in finance usually offer great career progression and the opportunity to develop through training and many see the sector as the ideal career direction for ambitious professionals. 

Opportunities in finance.

The UK offers some of the most diverse and rewarding roles in finance with a range of different career opportunities available across large banking headquarters.

One third of finance jobs in the UK are in London, which offers employees the chance to work in the capital’s busy and exciting environment as well as the possibility of early responsibility and rapid promotions. 

It is not uncommon to experience different specialisms within one division and this is one of the industry’s many appeals. Working within a diverse and broad range of sectors will help you gain valuable experience and build a strong CV

Industry growth.

As e-commerce and online banking technology grows, the demand for tech-savvy individuals continues to increase. The banking industry generates over £41.7 billion in tax and has created more than 400,000 jobs across the country.

Skilled financial employees are essential during this progressive time, so those seeking a job in the sector will be valued more than ever. If you’re searching for a rewarding career with plenty of job options, look no further than the financial services industry.  

The salary and benefits.

By choosing a role in banking this will see you benefit from a competitive salary and also excellent rewards. Some benefits can include paid overtime, bonuses, promotions, private health insurance or a company car. 

Working in finance can open doors worldwide, whether you’re after a new adventure, want to amplify your CV or your career needs a change of pace, working overseas could be the ideal option for you.  

On-site training and development.

If you have an interest in continuing to develop yourself and broaden your skills, you will find that most banks offer on-site training.

Often, your employer will encourage you to further your education through a variety of courses and training programs. In fact, many large banks have a dedicated team working especially on training programs to help maximise employees’ skills and talents. 

Job satisfaction.

Professionals working in the the financial services sector find motivation in the overall satisfaction of their job by carrying out significant work daily. As we know, the financial sector plays a key role in the UK’s dominant services sector and employees’ daily work illustrates just how important it is. 

Customer satisfaction plays a key role in the finance industry. With the impact that new technology has had on customer service models across the board, financial professionals must rise to meet client expectations now more than ever.

Interpersonal skills are essential in the finance field, and play a critical role in day-to-day life, whether or not your position is directly customer-facing. 

Depending on your role you could find yourself offering financial advice regarding retirement, or helping to secure a mortgage for a family’s dream home: all key moments in people's lives in which you will be involved in.