Last year Google has launched its game-changing job search function in the UK. And it could potentially get you a pay rise.  

What is Google Jobs UK?

Google jobs is a fantastic additional function which has been implemented world-wide and has now launched in the UK. Google Jobs works alongside the company’s pioneering search engine. They have partnered up with sites such as The Guardian Jobs, The Daily Telegraph, Reed, Gumtree, TotallyLegal, CV-Library, TotalJobs and London-based publisher Haymarket. It sorts through positions posted by recruiters located in the same country and allows candidates to find jobs in their area.

How do I search for a job?With Randstad’s latest Employer Brand Research report showing that a quarter of those surveyed admitted that they plan to change employer within the next year (up from 18% from last year), the search volumes for new jobs are on the rise. 

Before searching, you to know the job title or the company you are looking for. Knowing the location which they would like to work in is also something Google jobs can assist with, being hugely beneficial.

For example your search maybe; Sales Executive Hemel Hempstead

Google also gives you options such as:

  • Sector type 
  • Location (local to you and distance) 
  • Date posted
  • Type (full time, Contractor, Internship etc.)
  • Employer

Once you click search, Google will crawl all of the recruitment companies and aggregators website’s to pull through all of the jobs advertised. This gives the candidate’s a lot better freedom to search for a new job and specifically find something which fits there situation and needs.

How to get a pay rise.

It is often in the recruiting industry that jobs are advertised, but no salary is specified. It is likely the case this is because the salary isn’t as competitive as other jobs in the sector or being advertised. 

Google now has an algorithm which if the salary isn’t advertised, it will pull information from all the partner aggregators and make up an average salary which can be expected for this job.

Companies are going to be forced to share salary information, as Google Jobs information isn’t always accurate and sometimes shows higher salary expectations than being offered.

With this in mind employers could be forced to increase their staff’s salary due to Google showing averages from previous jobs advertised and what competitors are offering. This can entice people to leave their current role or ask for a raise.

If you are fresh on the job market then Google jobs will definitely be a fantastic place to start. The search engine can help with the bench-marking of salaries in your area and aid with the salary negotiation process once you get a job offer. To find out more about salary expectations or if you would like to compare your current salary to those in different areas, the Randstad Salary Checker can also help.