Successful sales executives can enjoy a challenging and fascinating career, using their deep understanding of what makes people tick to help them get the best results for their companies.

Good sales people are invaluable, and those with the right skills can quickly rise up the pay scale in their line of work.

How much do sales executives make in the UK.

This article will provide information on the types of salaries sales executives can expect to earn, while also providing advice on how individuals can maximise the salary they are currently earning, and progress their careers in the process.

For many sales executives, the salary they take home each month is largely influenced by how effectively they have performed in their role. Commission-based work can be incredibly rewarding for those who excel at their jobs, but limiting to those who lack the experience to close deals.

Entry and executive sales roles.

Those with minimal experience can expect to earn between £19,000 and £30,000, as a basic salary, with commission adding between £2,000 and £20,000 to that figure.

An average salary for a sales executive, at the start of 2018, is £26,000.

Senior positions in sales.

Senior sales executives, with plenty of experience under their belts, are looking at salaries of between £30,000 and £75,000, and can again add increasing levels of commission payments – up to £100,000 - to these figures.

Across the UK.

Compared to other positions, the average salary sales executives can hope to earn does not vary too dramatically depending on location.

London and the South East can offer the highest salaries in England, with most sales executive jobs in these locations commanding around £40,000 a year.

The West Midlands and North East are the next best places to find a job, as they offer salaries averaging £30,000. The South West provides the lowest salaries in England for sales executives, with workers in this location averaging £25,000 a year.

Room to grow.

There are many ways to improve a sales executive salary. One of the most effective is to consider switching disciplines, and selling to a different sector.

The amount that sales executives can earn varies significantly in different sectors.

As an example, sales executives working in human resources earn an average salary of £50,000, while those in accountancy can achieve £27,000.

Different skills are required to work in different sectors, so choosing a more profitable one early on can be an effective way to boost a salary over the course of a career.

Continual learning.

The commission-based pay structure means substantially improving a salary can be as simple as selling more.

Taking courses that focus on weaknesses in an individual’s sales technique, and learning how to gain a better understanding of a customer’s needs, can make a huge difference in this department.

Sales executives who are confident about their abilities should also look for roles with uncapped commission payments. A role with capped commission can greatly limit the amount a successful sales person is able to earn each year.

The best way to find the right types of sales executive jobs is to use the services of a recruitment agency, which can help individuals to filter the available opportunities, and find the best fit for their own circumstances