Telesales executive and telesales advisors are tasked with selling products and services remotely, either to other businesses or directly to consumers.  In most cases, they receive a basic salary, which is then boosted by commission payments and bonuses which reflect their performance. 

This means that telesales workers, who have a knack for selling and efficiently communicate with others, can earn a very attractive salary. This article explains what steps telesales workers can take to maximise their current salary. 

Average UK telesales salary?

According to Salary Track, as of August 2018,  the average salary a telesales executive receives in London is approximately £25,000 a year.  Around 10% of those in telesales executive jobs in the UK take home more than £36,000 a year, while about 50 % of telesales jobs offer a salary of more than £22.000. 

Best places to work.

The geographical location of a telesales worker's job has a significant influence on how much their salary will be.  Due to the regional pay gap, that is still a problem in the UK, working in London can provide a substantially higher average salary than in other locations.  While workers in the South West take home an average of £19,000 a year, those in London can earn an average salary of £30,000.

As well as location, the sector in which someone works has an influence.  Telesales workers who sell banking finance products average a salary of approximately £25,000 a year, while those in customer services will average £19000 a year.

Commissions and bonuses in telesales.

Many telesales jobs revolve around commission payments, and ambitious workers should ensure that they only take positions with uncapped commission schemes, otherwise they may find their earnings become restricted if they excel.

"Around 10% of those in telesales executive jobs in the UK take home more than £36,000 a year"

The amount of commission that can be earned varies heavily depending on the job, and what exactly is being sold.  In many cases, telesales workers will only be required to generate leads, rather than actual sales, and the commission payments for these are likely to be lower than solid sales.

Many companies also offer bonuses, in addition to the commission.  These are designed to encourage healthy competition within the sales team, and keep individuals motivated to excel.  It may be possible, for example, to add £200 each month to the salary of a telesales executive who is skilled enough to win the award for the highest number of sales each month.

Ways to boost your telesales salary.

Telesales workers can boost their salaries in several ways.  One of the simplest is to change location or move into a different sector.  A recruitment company can assist individuals who are looking for a chance to find new vacancies and roles that will suit their skills and level of experience.

In roles that offer uncapped commission, however, the potential is often in the individual's hand to improve their earnings.  Taking steps to improve their sales skills, and work on their weaknesses, can make a substantial difference to how much they will be able to earn in a year.

Completing a training course is a great way of developing any weak areas.  Working to build an in-depth knowledge of the sector in which they work will also be beneficial, and this could lead to a more specialised sales role, offering higher commission payments, in the future.

The future of telesales jobs.

Although there are many theories claiming telesales jobs will become obsolete with time, it is also important to look at the other side of the coin. As new data protection laws and automation might make it harder for telesales executives and advisors to operate, it nevertheless remains true, that the real human connection has incredible value in telemarketing. 

Telesales executives and advisors trained to use soft skills to sell the benefits of a company's products or services will always be valued on the market. It is predicted that the smart tools rather than replaced telesales workers, will be used to assist them in their daily task. These predictions mean that contrary to popular belief, telesales has a rather bright future ahead.