Two weeks ago, we heard from Owen Goodhead; COO of Randstad UK and leader of the UK business’ Branch Operations, to introduce our #LifeAtRandstad series which will launch in 2022. We met with Owen to understand what BOLT is and what you can expect as and when you engage with BOLT and the wider Randstad UK business. This week, we spoke to our Senior Operations Directors (SDOs) to find out why they joined Randstad; why they stayed and what they love about being here. Many of our SDOs started their careers with Randstad as trainees, but some joined us as experienced recruiters looking for something new. All of our SDOs demonstrate that regardless of your background or experience level, you can be hugely successful in Randstad.

quality over quantity

There is a perception that recruitment is a numbers game, with companies looking to place as many candidates as they can in the shortest amount of time. This is where Randstad differs and it’s what stood out to Charlie Bentham-Wood. “I actually interviewed with Randstad twice but after the first interview, I joined another recruitment agency. I returned to interview at Randstad for the second time, after just three months at another company,” he says, “it was clear to me that, unlike their competitor, Randstad had a culture based on quality of service and investing in people”. Adrian Smith agrees. “Randstad is a company based on quality and not quantity. While we are competitive individually, the team culture is one of the things that has kept me here”. Our cohesive team culture is at the heart of Randstad and everything we do is done collaboratively, because together we are stronger in our ability to take market share.

endless opportunity

Being the world’s largest recruitment company means that there are endless opportunities to grow and progress. This isn’t just limited to upwards progression either, as Sadie Besley is testament to. “I started as a consultant, but I took a sideways step to broaden my experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of different markets, such as Northern Ireland and the Welsh market, and I now cover Scotland too”. Simon Harris agrees with the opportunities available at Randstad. “So long as you want it and can prove yourself, the opportunities to progress within the branch network and other business areas are numerous”.

The opportunity to learn from those that have been here for a while is also embedded into the Randstad culture. “There is very much a team ethos at Randstad,” Paul Conway says. “Everyone in the team supports each other to achieve the same goal”. Sadie Besley agrees. “The majority of the feedback I receive from new starters is that the team culture is better than they expected. Everyone feels supported by the longer-term team members and learns quickly from their experience”.

flexibility to suit you and your team

Flex@randstad has been introduced to the business to offer our people a smarter way of working. While team collaboration in recruitment works well within the office, flexibility within Branch Operations means our people can find their perfect work-life harmony. “I’ve always trusted my team,” says Paul Conway. “I believe that if you create trust with the people that work with you, it will be paid back, not only in mutual trust but in performance and pride of work output. Need a longer lunch to go to the gym? No problem! Just flex your hours to accommodate it. So long as you’re not affecting your work performance or our service to clients and candidates, we have no problem with it”.

global business with a local feel

We have 71 offices across the country, which means that each location has its own unique vibe. That being said, although the branches have a local feel, there is the knowledge that you are part of the largest recruitment company in the world, as Adrian Smith says. “You always have this feeling that, while you’re a small, close-knit team with a certain level of a start up vibe, you have an international brand backing you every step of the way”.

Our teams within Branch Operations are always looking for great people to join them, so why not check out the exciting opportunities available at Randstad by clicking the button below.