The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) assists schools by offering high-quality tutoring to students whose education has been harmed by the Covid-19 epidemic. Tutoring can enhance development by up to five months, according to research, and it is one of the most effective strategies for supporting learning and accelerating pupil growth.

The government has allocated an extra £1 billion as part of the Education Recovery programme to support up to six million 15-hour tutoring packages for struggling students. This catch-up tuition funding is in addition to the pupil premium and pupil premium plus funding, which schools may already be accessing to provide additional support to pupils who require it.

NTP Tuition Partners

Tuition Partners can be hired by schools to give specialised support for students in a certain subject area over the course of 15 hours, through 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3, online in school, online at home or in person at school. Schools can choose from a variety of organisations in their area that provide either face-to-face or online tuition, with the government subsidising 70% of the cost.

Within the first year of the NTP (2020/21), Randstad successfully supported 11,347 pupils, through 600 + Tutors across 358 schools nationwide.

Academic Mentors

Some schools opt to use tutors as an "in-class" resource to collaborate with the student's instructor on a variety of interventions, focusing on one-on-one and small group sessions with students. You can hire qualified professionals to provide intense support in the areas that need it the most. These Academic Mentors will give school-specific support, such as subject-specific work, revision lessons, and additional support outside of the classroom context.

If you're interested in being an Academic Mentor, applications are now open, and more information on how to apply and the eligibility criteria may be found here.


School-Led tutoring

Schools will have the freedom to use this additional money to provide tuition assistance to students who will benefit the most. Schools will have the flexibility to choose who is most suited to provide tutoring support to meet their specific needs, including existing school staff or those who are familiar with their school and students' needs.

The School-Led Tutoring option gives schools the freedom to choose their own tutors. The Education Development Trust has created a virtual, flexible, and evidence-based School-Led Tutoring Training Course that focuses on tutoring best practices. This will be available to all school workers who have been nominated by their school leaders to participate. The programme will consist of a number of core courses that will equip participants with the information and skills needed to plan for and conduct effective small group and 1:1 tutoring in the classroom.

As part of becoming a partner school with NTP, you will have a dedicated Randstad consultant who will act on your behalf at getting the best of the partnership and finding tutors if required. The consultant will be able to guide you through what you can get from the programme including Opus insight including, hours of support remaining, attendance of pupils, pupils engagement with the programme, topics covered and review points. 


If your school became a part of the NTP the steps are as follows:

  1. Register your school on the NTP Tuition Hub.
  2. Select the criteria you are needing to support your pupils i.e. subject, year of study, in person or online - once selected this will show tuition partners that are able to support what you are looking for.
  3. Either invite them for a presentation or contact those providers directly.
  4. A meeting will be arranged to discuss the support you are looking for.
  5. You will be asked to complete orders on the NTP tuition hub - each order is for a block of 15 hours, this can be for 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 support. If you have multiple order to be that are very similar we would recommend selecting the duplicate button, then you can amend each order i.e. if you need to change the subject, this will save you time rather than inputting each order in separately.
  6. Your provider will accept your orders.
  7. Meeting arranged to confirm start dates, the pupil data required, the spreadsheet to complete for the pupil data, the learning objectives you would like each pupil to achieve, any additional information i.e. past assessments, triggers.
  8. Support is arranged to agreed timescale - you will be sent an overview of the tutors supporting which pupils, a profile on each tutor including their DBS information, the date of their first session
  9. Randstad contact all tutors to determine how the first session went.
  10. Continuous communication with the school - allowing for any changes to the support.
  11. School receives an evaluation report at the end of the 15 hour block of support - showing the progression and achievements of the pupils.


To find out more about pricing, and additional expert advice, click the link below to access our information page and register your interest.