In April, the new Travel and Subsistence bill will have an impact on schools and supply staff in an unexpected way. The new law makes it unlikely that supply teachers will be able to offset the cost of travel against their travel to and from schools, however far they are travelling. This will mean that teachers will be out of pocket or schools may be asked to pay more for teachers to cover the cost of the additional outlay.

For years, supply teachers working through intermediaries known as an umbrella company have been able to offset the cost of travel against their tax, making travel to and from different schools more manageable. 

Recruitment agencies that supply teachers to schools in coastal or rural areas are concerned that teachers will no longer be prepared to make long journeys, leaving some schools with gaps in their teacher workforce..

Teachers may travel between 1 and 50 miles on a given day to provide their specialist skills in different schools but from April this year the option to offset the cost will no longer be available. 

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