Technology has changed the way we live and work. From the latest smartphone in our pockets to the factory robots assembling the newest hybrid car, technology has transformed what we do and how we do it.

Science has also changed the way we communicate and interact with each other and the way technology reacts to our own behaviour. Today's inventions don't always need telling how to behave, they learn from our actions.

That might like something a from the plot of a sci-fi movie or perhaps an idea coming out of Silicon Valley. But it's the type of thinking Randstad is applying to its candidate experience and it's called Tech and Touch.      

The strategy - which combines the very best in automation and personalisation - was previewed last year when Zurich was transformed into the capital city of the digital world. The Digital Festival attracted respected speakers from famous tech companies, as well as more than 1,000 visitors from all over the country and Europe.

The ‘who’s who’ of the Swiss tech industry were all there, exchanging their knowledge, experience and vision. As supporting partner of the event, Randstad Switzerland had a stand on the festival ground and raised awareness of our global Tech & Touch strategy.

HackZurich and Randstad’s responsiveness wall

The event included HackZurich, the largest European hackathon for programmers, with 4,367 hackers from 58 countries applying to participate. Eventually, 565 participants were selected to form teams and get cracking on their programming projects for a solid 40 hours.

Randstad Switzerland was at the heart of this innovation with a branded wall where programmers could test and train their responsiveness. A similar tool is used by Formula 1 drivers, which enabled the team to create a nice link with Randstad’s sponsoring of the Williams Formula 1 Team.

The responsiveness training wall was a welcome change for the hackers, who loved the opportunity of a bit of physical activity on the side. In total, 100 programmers tested their response levels with Randstad.

Successful Tech & Touch partnership

The Digital Festival and HackZurich event also enabled Randstad Switzerland to approach people from the tech industry. They talked to people from various backgrounds and with diverse profiles, ranging from CTOs to young programmers.

“We were very excited about our participation in the Digital Festival,” said Taco de Vries, CEO of Randstad Switzerland. “It was perfectly in line with our Tech & Touch strategy: digitalisation supported by the human touch. And during the hackathon, we experienced levels of energy and creativity that are a perfect match with our own company values.”

Plans for the future

Randstad Switzerland is planning a long-term collaboration with the Digital Festival and HackZurich. At the hackathon next year, they aim to submit their own project for a programming team to take recruitment another step further in the digital age.