Over the last two years, three Lincolnshire schools have been trialling a new structure to the school year: four weeks of holiday in the summer, instead of the customary six. They managed to chop the holiday by adding extra weeks into the Summer term, and re-shuffling the dates of the Autumn and Spring terms.

However, and perhaps not unsurprisingly, the term date trial was unsuccessful – parents with children at different schools struggled with the different holiday times, and children were unable to attend kids’ clubs, as these clubs fit around the standard summer dates – leaving pupils and teachers alike with their longer holiday back.

top five holiday tips.

So, with the six week holiday not going anywhere, we’ve put together our top five holiday tips for teachers to make the most of the weeks that will soon be stretching ahead.

1. Get some sleep!
Term time is tough and tiring for everyone – the first week of the holidays is perfect for getting some well needed rest.

2. Take a trip away – somewhere in the UK or abroad
After spending months in the classroom, getting a change of scenery is definitely necessary,whether this is near to or far from home!
3. Catch up on that Netflix season that you’ve been waiting to watch all year
We all know how great it feels to sit and binge watch 72 episodes in one go – with snacks obviously – and the holidays is the ideal time to do this.
4. Buy a paddling pool and set it up in the garden in the sunshine
What more could you want than to sit in the sun, have a BBQ, and be able to dip your feet in the water when it gets too warm?
5. Prepare for the next year of teaching on time
At some point in the summer, you’ll need to get ready for the new term – and after weeks of relaxing, this can seem daunting. To make the transition back into the classroom as smooth as possible, why not speak to your local branch and uncover what training is on offer to make sure that you’re always at the top of your game!