how to stay safe working outdoors in the UK sun.

working in the sun uk randstad
working in the sun uk randstad

apply sun cream.

You may not feel the heat or even see the sun behind the clouds but both times you can still get burned, especially if you have fair skin. Long term, unprotected exposure to the sun can be a leading cause of cancer.

Those with red / fair hair, and lots of freckles and moles are most at risk of skin conditions from prolonged sun exposure.

Watch for sensitive areas like ears, nose and top of the head, all areas that can influence heat stress very quickly.

watch for heat stress.

You may become naturally snappy or angry at little things. These are signs of heat stress and can lead to an unruly workforce and fights easily avoided by taking precautions.


tips for working in the sun uk
tips for working in the sun uk

take breaks in shade.

If you work more than six  hours a day you are legally entitled to a 20 minute uninterrupted break. But if you are working in the full sun you should discuss with your employer the ability to regularly avoid full sun by standing in the shade for small periods of time.

stay hydrated.

Whilst resting remember to drink plenty of water. A  mild headache, dizziness and struggling to concentrate can be early signs of dehydration. A quick test is the pee test, if you look down and see yellow or darker you are probably dehydrated. If it’s luminous hopefully you had a vitamin this morning, otherwise ask a doctor for advice.

national rail safety week.

We're celebrating national rail safety week #RSW19 by ensuring everyone we work with are aware of the dangers of working an outdoor job. With many labourers and construction workers employed with Randstad it is important to us to know they are looked after at work. This extends beyond research of the future of construction and growing the amount of women in the engineering workforce, to also ensure safety is paramount to employers as well as employees. 

At Randstad we care about you, allow us to find your next role in construction, property & engineering.